Battlefield Traders that have blade and soul gold

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After a match you’ll earn Battle Points, which you can then Bns gold use to purchase rewards from new Battlefield Traders that have a wide range of items for sale including upgrade materials, Soul Shields, and costumes.

Whirlwind Valley is entered through BNS gold the F8 (Cross Server) menu, and unlike the Arena, player gear is not equalized. This means that your progression in the game content—and quality of your gear—will play an integral role, but good strategy and teamwork will ultimately decide who wins.

Sogun’s Lament
Explore a ruined palace compound far in the frozen north of the Silverfrost Mountains. The tragic tale of BNS gold Prince Sogun is told throughout your adventure here, and you may finally be able to help put his tortured spirit to rest. You must fight your way through the palace’s defenses, including a small BNS gold army of elite troops and summoned monsters, before finally facing off with Asura—the palace’s final boss.

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