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Sogun’s Lament is the most difficult piece of new group content, offering a new pinnacle of buy Blade and Soul gold difficult content for coordinated groups of players to attempt to tackle. Available in 4- and 6-member difficulty, the drops from Sogun’s Lament allow for the continued progression for buy Blade and Soul gold weapons and accessories.

Cold Storage
Cold Storage is a new Heroic group dungeon that can be completed once per day, unless a Cold Storage Reset is purchased from the Hongmoon Store. It offers consistently buy Blade and Soul gold sought-after rewards, and most players will want to complete this fairly low-difficulty dungeon every day to assist with their progression.

The second boss, Kaari Lord, is optional, and can only be spawned by collecting three colored orbs (which are tradable) from the first boss Winter Mane. By defeating bosses and buy Blade and Soul gold completing the dungeon you’ll earn rewards like experience, Frozen Stingers, and Freezing Orbs—which can be used to purchase Frozen weapons, Hongmoon Skillbooks, and clan crafting recipes.

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