Blade and Soul Gold 50 Speed leveling Guide

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lade and Soul 50 Speed leveling Guide: How To Acquire 250,000 XP in An Hour

Since Silverfrost Mountains has been Blade and Soul power leveling released for a moth, if you still strive to level up to 50 Lvl, this article can help you how to acquire 25,000 XP in an hour. Hope this Blade&Soul leveling guide can help you upgrade to Level 50&Hongmoon Level 10 fast and easy!

Prepared for Leveling up:
We need in the wild to level up, therefore Blade and Soul power leveling Hongmoon Level Hot Dragon Soup is necessary which you need cost 199 Ncoin to but it. In Currency Exchange, 1 gold equals to 66 Ncoin. Then, you need take 3 blade and soul gold to get it!

Location:Silverfrost Mountains -> Shiverstone Range

In generally, there are two monster, Silver Saberfang, Snowy Wolf we can kill them to acquire 547/196 XP. The Blade and Soul power leveling monster here are intensive. All in all, we can acquire 4 Silver Saberfang *547+ 14 Snowy Wolf* 196 = 2188+2744= 4932. To finish all, we would take 1 minute. 4932*60=296,000 XP

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