Blade and soul gold main differences are that the path differs

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The quest itself is very similar to E.Fleet Supply Chain (which is the 24 player version of this dungeon). The main differences are that the path differs, many of the extra mobs are skipped Blade and Soul gold and the bosses are a lot tougher.

When you enter the dungeon, proceed forwards and wall run to get onto of the first pilar of the left hand side. You will be running past the first area of mobs up until the first boss. Try to go as team, if people Blade and Soul gold get caught by mobs kill them and then move forward.

The first boss is Gatekeeper Slashimi

If you want to grab a Blade and Soul gold Dragonheart before you begin feel free to do so, but remember they do cost 1 Naryu Coin each. Gatekeeper Slashimi comes with 2 ads and has 2 phases. You can deal with the ads in a Blade and Soul gold number of different ways and these include

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