Bnsgold.co tank them using it’s curl ability

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Getting one of your team members to off tank them.
If you have a summoner in your party, get it’s cat to tank Blade and Soul gold them using it’s curl ability.
Kill them first together with AOE then move onto Slashimi.

The methods listed above can be used to deal with ads in any boss fight, not just this one. Pick whatever your party feels comfortable with. A quick note regarding the ads Blade and Soul gold here – they do not require a double CC effect to be stunned like Slashimi does. One is enough to stun/trip/daze etc them. Also, if you’re having someone tank the ads have them tank the ads a little away from the main group as the ads can do a lighting AOE attack which deals a lot of damage.

The fight with Gatekeeper Slashimi is split into 2 different Blade and Soul gold phases.

Phase 1
During phase 1, Slashimi will use a couple of different attacks against you and these include:

360° AOE cleave like attack (small range)
Forward stab attack Blade and Soul gold which he does twice and if you are caught in it the second one it will knock you back.
Standard sword attacks

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