Red AOE attack and start jumping blade and soul gold

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Phase 2
You will know when phase 2 is about to begin because Slashimi will use a buy Blade and Soul gold Red AOE attack and start jumping a little up and down on the spot. The ads will also flip over and become inactive during phase 2 as well. His attacks during phase 2 include:

Water bolt: He will shoot 4 water bolts at buy Blade and Soul gold you. You can avoid these completely by using skills like the Blademasters block or iframes (invincibility skills)

Water boil: During this attack, Slashimi boils all the water area you are fighting on and if you are caught in it, you will take 3 ticks of damage. You can avoid this by using iframes or if you have a Forcemaster in your party, they can use their ice buy Blade and Soul gold flower skill which will freeze everyone in the party and negate all damage.

Charge attack: After the boil, he will start charging randomly throughout the room. To get him to stay still you have use a counter skill which will stop him in his tracks. Counter skills buy Blade and Soul gold include Blademasters block, Destoyers shield, Assassins decoy etc etc.

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