Blade and soul gold cycle will start again

in News 26.04.2016 10:15
von babyangela | 19 Beiträge | 1785 Punkte

After these attacks he will go back into phase 1 and then BNS items cycle will start again.

It must be noted that this fight has a timer and once the cycle has ran its course 3 times, Slashimi will go into enrage mode which essentially means party wipe. You must kill him before this happens.

Once he’s dead, proceed forwards BNS items running past everything and jump on the side and glide forwards towards the next area. After you have landed, again run past everything into the tunnel and then down into the next area.

In this next area you have to kill the 3 mini-bosses in order to open the door located BNS items north-east. I will not go into detail about these bosses as they are not very tough but i have marked their locations on the map below.

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