Blade and soul gold is an assassin type boss

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The next boss is Chef Tae Jangum and she is an BNS gold assassin type boss.

Her attacks include:

Poison bomb attack.
Frontal Poison breath attack (these stack so be careful not to get hit by it too often)
Lotus dance (she will stun BNS gold whoever has aggro at the end of lotus dance)
Decoy (assassin skill – if you hit her during decoy she will use another assassin skill ‘backstab’ on someone)

Time bomb – One random player in the party will get a debuff called time bomb and after BNS gold a few seconds that party member will explode kind of dealing a lot of damage. If you have the bomb you want to move away from the main party and just before the bomb triggers use an iframe ability so you do not take damage.

Towards the end, Jangum BNS gold will spawn poison mines on the left side of the room so you want to tank her in the middle to avoid them.

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