Bnsgold.co group tries to finish off the main boss

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An extra ad will also spawn at the end, just tank it on the side while the Blade and Soul gold rest of the group tries to finish off the main boss.

If you find that she is regenerating Blade and Soul gold too quickly be sure to keep her dotted with status effects all the time. After she is dead, proceed forwards running past everything until you get to large area with multiple doors on each side. You do not need to open every door in this area. Instead, run all the way to the end and only open the last door on the left hand side. You will find Blade and Soul gold the next boss Mark Sobo over here.

Mark Sobo is a Forcemaster and his attacks are:

Red 360°AOE which deals damage and knocks you down.
360° AOE fire attack that deals damage.
Narrow but extending fireball attack.
Flame trail attack.

All in all, this boss is not very tough as long as you Blade and Soul gold do not get caught up in any of his AOE attacks. He will spawn an add when he gets low on hp. You can get one of your party members to off tank him while the rest beat on Mark Sobo.

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