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Bayern Munich 18 consecutive season earnings James Neal Jersey , this is the money of European Professional Football League one and the economic miracle. Obviously, this two thousand nine-tenths season for Manchester City of the loss of 145 million euros, in the case is beyond the reach of achievements in the short term. In business, Bayern is the model for financial fairness Act, while Manchester City with Manchester City Jerseys are exactly what the most interesting negative example. Two thousand ten-elevenths fall to others champion of the season at the same time stop UEFA Champions League Top 8 Bayern Munich, still to achieve a rapid growth in total income over 20%, 421.8 million euros in turnover, over rivals Manchester United in England, just behind Real Madrid and Barcelona, as the 3rd annual revenues exceeding EUR 400 million European giants. And Bayern Munich business miracles are both built on the television fee and ticket revenues less than Manchester United, and business income is almost under the background of the reds twice times. Club most from sponsors and marketing, has close to 200 million euros. Given that no Abu Dhabi Emirates Super Gold support, Bayern Munich 1 economic data is the European Giants had to fold: ball will have a capital of 590

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