When inspecting large areas such as tens or hundreds of hotel r

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The use of canine scent detection technique is offering aurate results in investigation of premises believed to be infested with bedbugs. When premises are invaded by bedbugs Cheap Jerseys , urgent extermination is needed to get rid of the parasites. If premises owners allow the infestation to increase, it bees costly to eradicate the bugs. Seeking the help of bed bug dog Boston handlers helps you not only save money but also eradicate bugs effectively.

The process of detecting bugs ould be done cautiously in order to identify all areas that are infested. One problem with bedbugs is that it may not be easy to detect them during early infestations. When the population is small, it is difficult to detect them and premises owners ould apply effective thods of inspection.

When visual inspection is bined with canine scenting, the results could even be more aurate. Bugs tend to infest areas such as hotels, hos, and other premises, which are frequented by people. People pick the bugs from areas such as hotels. For people who travel often, they may consider investigating their hos of possible bug infestation.

The bugs will hide in areas such as mattress seams and headboards. They also tend to hide in crks, bed fras, sofas, and box springs. Inspecting these areas visually could help you detect the presence of bugs. When bedbugs feed on their host, they move to their hideouts and excrete fecal matter, which contain blood. The stains you find on mattress seams and other surfes like headboards are as a result of excretion of fecal matter.

Using improperly trained canines or handlers who are not experienced could lead to false outes in the investigations. In addition, eh dog ould be handled by a person who understands its behavior. The person handling canines that detect bedbugs ould have worked with the canine in different oasions. The dog may behave differently when handled by different handlers.

When inspecting large areas such as tens or hundreds of hotel rooms, you can imagine the amount of ti required for physical visual inspection by a trained technician. Even the most renowned technicians can take a lot of ti to insect such large premises. However, with help of canines, they can inspect the premises pretty fast yet produce good results.

One way to save money when inspecting large premises is to seek the help of canine handlers. In addition, the cost of bedbugs control is determined by the aury of results. If you assu that all the premises or rooms in your building are infested, you will end up treating surfes, which are not invaded. This will eventually increase the cost of inspecting premises.

The suess in exterminating bugs is determined by aspects such as the ability to detect the parasites, detecting bugs in advance, and using effective control asures. Considering that bugs are being resistant to chemical substances monly used to exterminate them, you ould ensure the thods used to get rid of them are effective. With tily and effective inspection from bedbug detection dog handlers, you are able to begin the process of treating your premises early in advance before bugs population increases.

ACCRA, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- The UN Joint Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) plans to step up and present the Ghana chapter of the "Protect The Goal" initiative to Ghanaians, especially the teeming youth, in the build up to this year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil, a senior official said here on Wednesday.

Girmay Haile, Country Director of the UNAIDS, said the campaign, which aims at raising awareness of HIV prevention and mobilizes young people to commit to HIV prevention, has played valuable role in the fight against HIVAIDS since its inception in 2012 adding that the response has been very good.

He said his outfit plans to create a FIFA Ball ahead of the global soccer event to extend the campaign messages to all corners across the country, targeting especially the teeming young ones.

The Ghana Protect the Goal Campaign is the Ghana Chapter of the "Protect the Goal" initiative, a brand new slogan, in the framework of UNAIDS' sport for global advocacy.

The mission of the scheme is to articulate effective, relevant and timely information, packaged in short, clear and easy to understand messages with the aim of empowering the youth of Ghana to apply safe sex and protect from new HIV infection.

"The 'Protect the Goal' campaign has been playing effective role in the fight HIV. So we are planning for a FIFA ball to go round the region. We will be launching that campaign to create awareness of the disease through football," he told Xinhua in an interview.

Haile said UNAIDS Ghana is working in collaboration with the national youth authority (NYA) to collect signatures of PLEDGE from the country's youth where they would be asked to pledge their commitment to protect themselves from HIV.

"We are targeting about 100,000 signatures but the NYA says we can even get more," he said.

UNAIDS has over the years embarked on an advocacy agenda for HIV through Sports. These advocacies as well as other interventions have yielded tremendous results.

The general adult prevalence for HIV has dropped by over 60 percent in 10 years, from 3.6 percent in 2003 to 1.37 percent in 2012.

New HIV infections have dropped from 26,000 per annum to fewer than 8000 in 2012 and the number of AIADS-related deaths has also declined significantly.

Ghana has reduced by 76 percent the number of new HIV infections among children due to increased coverage of anti- retroviral prophylaxis for pregnant women living with HIV in 2009, the proportion of children born with HIV to positive mothers declined to 9 percent in 2012.

Ghana is the only country in West and Central Africa to reduce mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV to this level.

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