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Daily Health UpdateMONDAY Cool Base Wade Davis Jersey , FEBRUARY 10th, 2014Courtesy of: Dr. Frank Goz, Chiroprtic Physician4844 Sunrise Hwy, Sayville, NY 11782(631) 991-3492 - www.SayvilleChiroprtor.“The desire to reh for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reh hearts is wise. ~ Maya AngelouMental Attitude: Depression's Influence on Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers! Based on data provided by 322 patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis, researchers have identified that a patient's psychological state can affect self-reported asurents about how their body responds to different treatnts and therapies. The researchers rend rheumatologists be aware of their patient's ntal state when assessing the efficy of their treatnt plan. Arthritis Care & Research, December 2013Health Alert: Smoking is a $289 Million Dollar a Year Burden! During the last half-century, 20 million Aricans have died as a consequence of smoking and 16 million more continue to suffer from smoking-related conditions. The bined healthcare expenses and lost economic productivity that results from smoking-related illnesses costs the United States (US) about $289 Cool Base Wade Boggs Jersey ,000,000 eh year. Aording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every thirteen children alive in the US right now will die prematurely from smoking-related diseases unless current smoking rates drop! Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, January 2014Diet: Diet Soda Not Helpful for Dieters! A new study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that drinking diet soda may not help dieters lose weight. Using data from the long-term National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, researchers discovered that, even though people who drink diet sodas are drinking fewer calories, they tend to consu just as many or more total calories than people who drink sugary beverages. Aording to lead author Dr. Sarah Bleich, "The results of our study suggest that overweight and obese adults looking to lose or maintain their weight--who have already made the switch from sugary to diet beverages--may need to look carefully at other ponents of their solid-food diet Cool Base Steven Souza Jersey , particularly sweet snks, to potentially identify areas for modification." Arican Journal of Public Health, January 2014Exercise: How to Keep that New Year’s Resolution. Recording goals in a fitness diary, reflecting on suesses and failures, and being held aountable by others are key strategies that have been found to maximize the hievent of all goals, including New Year’s resolutions. Loughborough University, January 2014Chiroprtic: The Cause of Post Car Aident Neck Pain. After a car aident, the cause of neck pain may be unknown. Muscles and ligants can bee strained and even inflad Cool Base Matt Moore Jersey , but they usually heal within six to ten weeks. Pain that lasts longer is usually due to injury to the disk, fet joint, or both. Fet joint pain is the most mon cause of chronic neck pain after an aident. Fet joint pain may our alone or along with disk pain and may sotis be mistaken for muscle pain. North Arican Spine Society, January 2014WellnessPrevention: Breastfeeding and Rheumatoid Arthritis? A study of 7,000 older Chinese won owed that those who breast fed their children had a 50% reduced risk for rheumatoid arthritis later in life. Rheumatology, January 2014 To Receive Daily Health Updates, go to www.DrFrankGozBlog. and sign upWe at Sayville Imdiate Chiroprtic Care realize you have a choice in who you choose to provide your healthcare services. If you, a friend or family mber requires care for low bk pain Cool Base Kevin Kiermaier Jersey , we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence own by choosing our services and look forward in serving you and your family presently and, in the future.The Sayville Chiroprtic office that makes it convenient for you to get the care you want in today's busy society! Our prtice has a strong working relationip with many local allied health care professionals and primary care MD's.No Appointnt Necessary, Walk-in Chiroprtic Care: New patients wele. No Long Term Care PlansSince Bk Pain, Neck Pain and Headhes are one of the most mon plaints presenting to the chiroprtic physician, please ask for more information about this if you or a loved one is suffering. It’s one of most significant ts of kindness you can give to those you care about.Serving the areas of Sayville, Oakdale, Bohemia, Bayport.YOU MAY BE A CANDIDATE FOR DRUG FREE RELIEF!FOR A FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION CALL DR. FRANK GOMEZ at 631 991-3492Not ready yet…No Problem.To Receive These “Daily Health Updates Via E mail go to www.DrFrankGozBlog. and sign up.Thank you for your ti in reading my article. Please check out the links below for further reading on other health related material.www.SayvilleChiroprtor. www.DrFrankGozBlog.www.Chiro-Trust.org www.SayvillePainRelief. www.USchirodirectory. --- There are many paranormal phenona that can not be explained by our science. In ft the scientists are often doubtful about many of the processes that amaze people. A while before the world was much closer to the religious elent of our lifestyle Cool Base Joe Maddon Jersey , and experienced a pletely different perspective. The materialism was not a concept at all, for the majority of individuals. Yet, the renaissance period told people that the individual is in the middle of the whole world, and eh individual has got a cost. After this, there's the rcial revolution in England, science innovation in European countries and United states, pletely new ideologies such as munism and capitalism, which ceased our religious fascination. It is a ft that during the last years you can notice a general arising Cool Base Evan Longoria Jersey , but this might be a fake illusion. Folks are controlled. Many people have an interest to know the future, and select physic reading tarot thods. The astrology attrted people from old periods, and you may find in our history many experts you can say, who attempted to reveal our future, like Nostrad.

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