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 Loving this shoe for running. adidastrainer.top My go to for the past year has been the Road-X 233 and these are very similar. My only complaint is during walking. The extended flat heel is just no good for walking compared to the scalloped heel on the Inov8¡¯s and Altras. Going to be taking the hack saw to that back lip, 45 degree cut to remove about 1/2 inch from the back extension of the heel cushion.

Pete, what is the reason/potential biomechanical advantage of longitudinal stiffness in race shoes. If there is an advantage can anyone¡¯s race pace take advantage of it or is fast paces that get most pop out of the stiffness.

Pete, do you realize with power comes responsibility? Do Adidas Originals Sale you realize what impact you have? Now I want these shoes as well. I already wanted another pair next to my Kinvara3s for the long runs, so don¡¯t feel bad about it.

I just ran a half marathon in my new Grid type 5¡¯s, wow. I use Kinvara for the marathons but for the HM they were fantasic, stayed cool and worked well. I cant wait for my Hagios to arrive to compare the two.

Hi Ryan and thanks for reading the review. I haven¡¯t run in the recent Fuji Racer, but yes on paper would be a similar idea, the only difference is I don¡¯t prefer ASICS midsole compounds and fit as much as adidas, but if ASICS works for you then they might be a good option. I think the XT 5 is a little more streamlined than the Fuji, but similar concepts for sure. Thanks for the comment on our view, we have a nice valley here in Easter Adidas Originals Cheap n Oregon and another mountain range in the other direction as well¡­.a small little Colorado in Oregon :). Take Care, David

I started running 4 months ago and quickly found I had an overpronation problem in my left leg so I got stability shoes¡­and developed ITBand problems¡­so I got orthotics but they didn¡¯t really seem to help¡­so I switched to a forefoot strike with the Skechers GRR1 and the knee problems didn¡¯t come back but now after 6 weeks my left ankle is getting painful :-( Wha Adidas Originals top t a saga, eh ! Not sure what to do now¡­

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