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 Here are six scientific studies that Nike Air Max 90 cheap uk showed an increased impact loading rate in barefoot running versus shod running: Dickinson JA, Cook SD, Leinhardt TM: The measurement of shock waves following heel strike while running. J Biomech, 18:415-422, 1985.

Just because they don¡¯t doesn¡¯t mean they can¡¯t. I¡¯m so tired of the argument of ¡°well the elites do this or don¡¯t do this¡±. I would bet with the right surface and preperation. Fast times could happen with elites running barefoot.

Ah, I misunderstood what you were referring to, my bad. Thought you were talking Nike Flyknit Air Max cheap sale about the stiffness in Hokas. I agree that my experiment was a bit extreme, but it worked to recreate pain that seemed to occur when running in a higher drop shoe, nothing definitive obviously, but stiffening my leg clearly seemed to diminish the pain. Interestingly, I ran 4 miles to the track today in Skechers GoRun Ultras (like a Hoka) and though I could feel a tight sensation in the lateral quad/patella, no pain. Could just be regression to the mean though. But even more interesting to me was that while running repeats on the track in spikes I never once even noticed my knee.

Thanks for your little experiment! Speed equals stride length times cadence. Just the thought of your speed, from a jog to a sprint, being influenced only by stride length was so confusing ¨C highly unlikely.

Pete, is there any evidence that would show leg length has anything t Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit sale uk o do with all of this? It would seem to me that those like myself with shorter legs will have a shorter stride AND a faster turn over rate. I know for myself, 180 seems slow and sluggish. My typical pace is closer to 190, and 5k pace is about 195. Just wondering if leg length has anything to do with the overall equation here.

De Clercq D, Aerts P, Kunnen M: The mechanical characteristics of the human heel pad during foot strike i Nike Roshe Run uk sale n running: an in vivo cineradiographic study. J Biomech, 27:1213-1222, 1994.

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