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AGGRESSION IN DOGS Dogs do not snarl or bite just for no reason ? there is always a something behind it. While that reason may not be blindingly obvious to the handler Denis Savard Jersey , a little understanding of dog aggressive behavior can help the owner understand. Remember you need to always think like a dog. Retraining dogs to be more relaxed and polite around strangers or children is possible with positive training methods, but it takes skill and only experienced owners may possess this skill. The responsible owner needs to recognize the early signs of aggression and act accordingly to eliminate the behavior. Your dog could become aggressive if it: * Snarls or nips at children or other people * The hackles stand up on the neck, the dog shows its teeth or growls when approached or handled * Snapping, growling and barking when defending food, treats, balls etc * Hiding behind your legs when people approach * Nipping when playing * Stares that could last for as long as a couple of minutes * Chases and attacks other dogs Some dog breeds, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are born with a greater tendency to become aggressive, but the problems usually only occur when the aggression is encouraged, sometimes unwittingly. Early socialization with the family, children, as many other people as possible, and other animals can reduce the odds that the dog will become aggressive. Remember that aggression is a very serious state of affairs and you should not rely on a book, or article. Meet with the local dog training club or your veterinarian for advice. DOG AGGRESSION TYPES Dominance Aggression towards humans The dog may growls, nip, or bite you or a member of your family. This is a challenge and has been carefully thought out by the dog previously. You need to assert your right as pack leader. Physical punishment generally does not works as it is provocative and may very well work against you. Assert your dominance using deep growls, strong body language, and facial expressions to reassert your pack leadership. Attach a leash to the dog and move the dog away from human contact where it is isolated. When you believe

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