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 The only change from the adios ride Adidas Originals Hommes Clearance that is made on the XT 5 is that it is a little lower stack height and more flexible in the forefoot since the torsion system in the XT 5 doesn¡¯t extend as far forward as the adios. The torsion system it is still there though, which is great for providing some structure to the shoe, protecting the midfoot from rocks, and preventing foot fatigue on longer runs.

I keep trying to tell myself that I don¡¯t like this shoe because it¡¯s not a racing flat, too heavy, too big a drop, too much cushion, yada, yada¡­but the fact is I do like this shoe. I might end up using it for marathons starting in the spring. I think the high price is offset by the fact that these things will last forever with the boost material and the Continental rubber.

I love these shoes. I was using the lunaracers for a race shoe which are about 3 ounces lighter than the adios but when I started using the adios boost my times were significantly faster. I started running a year ago and ran my first marathon in the adios boost and ran a 3:06 bq. These shoes held up great the whole race. I know why the elites use these and not merrels. They are a well thought out piece of performance equipmentt. They will defiantly be my race shoe from now on.

Hi Charles! Completely agree on the Boston 5 boost. Been using that on trails a ton and really like it for that (better than I like it on the roads actually) and you¡¯re right that XT 5 is nice when a little more traction is needed but Boston 5 outsole is about perfect for most dry trails. I really like adidas¡¯ outsoles on most of their models and wish more trail shoes had lower profile outsoles like that. Only issue I have with Boston Boost is I just wish the upper was a hair more comfortable on longer runs which would mainly be accomplished by reducing the stitching on the upper like the next women¡¯s version is getting here: link to youtube.com (I have no idea why they aren¡¯t doing the same with the mens as it would fix all the issues I have with the shoe).

As I¡¯ve mentioned a few times, the most comparable shoe on the market to the Hagio is the Mizuno Universe. The latter is lighter, slightly more flexible, and rides a bit closer to the ground. However, the Universe is priced $30 higher than the Hagio (MSRP = $90 for the Hagio), and the Hagio has a bit more outsole so durability might be a tad better. Both are excellent shoes, so a decision betwee Acheter Adidas ZX 750 Femme n them comes down mainly to personal preference. In any event, my first experience with an adidas shoe was overwhelmingly positive, and I can give the Hagio a big stamp of approval.

Almost all elite-runners are sponsored by Nike or Adidas who kind of dictates which shoes they run in.Meb runs a pretty decent marathon in the GoRuns which in my eyes are a minimal shoe with a low drop, high flexibility and a good ground feel. He¡¯s probably one of the few elite runners who got a sayin Adidas ZX 850 Femme France Soldes g about what kind of shoe he want¡¯s to run in.

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