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This is an interesting article written for informal or modern wedding invitation wording.

There are a few rules you should keep in mind when wording your wedding invitation and stationery:

Who is inviting your guests?

The style of wedding invitation and dress code should match the wording of your wedding invitation

Check your spelling and grammar

Wedding invitation wording can be a contentious issue!!! The wedding invitation wording isn’t always based on who is paying or who is paying the most! Weddings are emotional times for families and friends Authentic Gerrit Cole Jersey , so it’s always best practice to be upfront and flexible.

If your preference is for a more modern, casual or relaxed wedding, you should consider the following when constructing your wedding invitation wording:

• Modern wedding invitation wording does not typically use titles before names

• Use relaxed language, eg. ‘&’ instead of ‘and’

• The inclusion of phone numbers and email address in RSVP details

Once again it is important to be clear about who is inviting your guests, with more modern wedding invitation wording your options increase. For example: the bride’s family may be hosting the guests, the bride and groom may be hosting the guests or the bride, groom and all parents may be hosting the guests!

Sample wedding invitation wording, where the bride, groom and all parents are hosting the guests.

Kay & Clint

together with their families

would love


to celebrate their marriage


You may also like to incorporate the use of a short poem or romantic saying on your wedding invitation, for example:

You have shared in our children’s lives and now we

Alan & Robyn Stoles

are delighted to invite you,

Todd, Regan & Samantha

to celebrate the love and marriage of

Ava and Harrison





Once again Authentic Francisco Liriano Jersey , the wedding invitation wording and dress code could coordinate, for example if you would like a beach, cocktail or garden wedding, where the dress code is casual, lounge suit or after five, then your wedding invitation language should reflect this.

Another issue is which printer is the most suitable for printing your invitation.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing to print your wedding invitations is, laser or inkjet?

Printer options can greatly affect your wedding stationery choices, below are some useful tips on what printer you can choose to print your wedding invitations.

If you are creating your own wedding invitations, the printer you are using can determine your paper choices. Many manufactures will state on their packaging what printer the paper is compatible with – test printing is always advised if you are unsure. Some papers with inclusions and most handmade papers are not print compatible at all, so choose wisely.

A useful tip to keep in mind when selecting your wedding invitation paper and stationery is, if the paper is metallic or pearlescent, it isn’t suitable for an inkjet printer. The wet ink does not adhere to the metallicpearlescent surface of the paper and therefore will not dry and simply smudge off. You can purchase a special pouch to rub over these papers which places a coating on the paper and then you can use it in your inkjet printer. Once again Authentic Francisco Cervelli Jersey , test printing is always advised.

If it does not state on the manufacturers labeling what printer the paper is compatible with, consult the customer service representative. Always ask which printer the paper is compatible with, this includes your envelopes.

What’s the difference between printers?

The difference between laser and inkjet printers is heat, toner and ink.

A laser printer works with heat and dry toner, like a photocopier and takes large barrel-type toner cartridges. Laser printers are usually more expensive to purchase, especially colour laser printers, however are generally more economical to run in terms of consumables (toner).

An inkjet printer works with wet ink and takes smaller flat box-type ink cartridges. Inkjet printers are usually less expensive to purchase compared to a laser printer, but are generally more expensive to run in terms of consumables (ink cartridges).

Laser printers will give your print work a sharper more professional finish and you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry.

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