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锘? Responding to a commotion on our front lawn air max 90 independence day noir , I found two men kneeling over a tiny lifeless body. A third man was collapsed about 20 feet from them. An off-duty police officer shouted at me to call for an ambulance and infant airway: ?This child is not breathing!? I asked him why he wasn?t performing CPR and he replied, ?I?m afraid I?ll damage his tiny lungs.? Having made the call, my attention turned to the man collapsed 20 feet away?I recognized him! ?James? (not his real name) went to my church. I went to his side, wondering if he too was injured, but no! He was distraught that he had just run over and killed a child! Requesting Divine Intervention Placing my hand on his shoulder, I began to plead, ?O, God air max 90 fleuri femme , help! We need help!? As a mother of five children, my heart went out to the man as well as the child. After what seemed like F-O-R-E-V-E-R, the child suddenly inhaled! A great big sucking-in-air deep breath all on his own! My nurse?s training kicked into gear, assessing the gurgling sounds coming from his chest. ?His lungs must be full of blood,? I thought. Finally, we heard sirens as two ambulances, two police cars and a fire truck all arrived at the same time. I stayed with James while attendants gently placed a neck brace around the toddler?s tiny throat and three men carefully lifted him onto the stretcher. Away they sped, lights flashing and sirens screaming in the early evening. A policeman asked if it would be alright to question the driver of the vehicle inside my home nike air max fleuri rose , since he was literally shaking from shock over this terrible accident. ?Of course,? I replied, ?This man goes to my church. I know him.? In my living room, I listened as this inconsolable man explained how his wife had left him and taken their two daughters. He had been driving in my neighborhood, hoping to catch a glimpse of his girls, but had not seen them. Then he began to wail, ?God has forsaken me! I am certain of it now!? A familiar sensation of warmth came over me as I heard myself respond to him, ?No! God has not forsaken you air max 95 femme rose , James! I know this looks bad, but?but, no! Something good will come out of this. I am certain.? But my words only provoked another loud cry of agony and horror at what he had done. ?I heard a thump, and then I felt a bump under the car. When I looked in the rear-view mirror, I thought, ?How strange! Why would someone leave a doll in the street?? Then I realized it was not a doll. It was a child!? And another wave of grief washed over him. The doorbell rang and a fireman handed me two tiny running shoes. ?Here, I found these in the street. I believe they are the baby?s shoes.? I insisted the fireman show me exactly where he had found them. He pointed to a spot in the middle of the street, at the midline of my neighbor?s property. I quickly calculated the child had been knocked out of his shoes (they were still tied) and thrown 100 feet where he landed in front of my house. A Miraculous Recovery Two hours later air max 95 homme noir , the off-duty police officer who had ridden to the hospital in the ambulance returned with an update on the child. All eyes turned in his direction, waiting to hear anything that might help! ?I have good news! Very good news! And I?m so glad you?re still here so I can tell you,? the young officer approached James. ?The doctors could find nothing wrong with the boy! No broken bones. No internal injuries. He has only a little scrape on his cheek. They are keeping him overnight for observation.? ?But how can that be?? questioned James. ?I felt the car drive over him!? ?Well, the doctors are saying it didn?t really happen that way. They can?t believe he was run over. They are saying he must have glanced off the bumper of your car.? ?But the fireman brought me the little boy?s shoes. He was knocked right out of them. He was struck 100 feet from where you found him!? I added. ?And the boy?s father said he ran after a ball in front of the house next door,? said the off-duty officer. Turning to James he added, ?And with the setting sun in your eyes, you could not see such a small child.? So, there it was. We knew the truth about what had happened. Poor James nike air max 95 pas cher , he was totally flabbergasted. Flooded with relief, his face was now radiant! Miracles in Every Day Life This event confirmed the powerful truth that it only takes one person holding open a window of possibility to allow a miracle to happen. For the past 30 years I have been privileged to witness and participate in dozens of events such as this and finally, I have the freedom to speak about them. Thirty years ago, miracles were so ?abnormal? that it did not feel safe to talk about them. Now, it seems as if mankind has reached a level of consciousness which touches the beginning of miracles. Millions of people have opened their hearts and minds to the Law of Attraction, quantum physics and levels of calibrated consciousness. Now people are curious and want to know, ?How can I attract a miracle?? ? Copyright March 2008 Author's Resource Box For more than 30 years Rebecca Hanson has helped hundreds of people turn their lives around. Her unique blend of teaching, spiritual gifts and practical application of the Law of Attraction have a quick nike air max 90 soldes , powerful and long-lasting effect on everyone she meets. In 2003, Rebecca founded the Law of Attraction Training Center where she mentors a global audience. Rebecca is always one step ahead of leading-edge teachers. As the SelfGrowth ?Guide for Miracles,? her focus is on advanced applications of the Law of Attraction and showing ordinary people how they can allow miracles to happen on a daily basis. Article Source: 锘? On the opening page of ?The Sandbox,? David Zimmerman?s gripping first novel about the Iraq war, Pvt. Toby Durrant?s convoy comes across a dead girl in the road, her body ?a small white mound, like a fallen bird.? Toby?s response is to ?put .

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