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he Adios is adidas¡¯ distance racing flat. It¡¯s a shoe that can be found on the feet of many of the top elite adidas sponsored marathoners, and last year they released a version with a midsole composed of their recently introduced Boost material. I¡¯d heard a lot of positive praise for the shoe from friends, and despite the fact that it had a higher drop than I typically prefer in a speed shoe (10mm), I wound up loving the ride. In fact, along with the New Balance 1400v2 and Newton Energy, the Adios Boost was one of my top 3 road shoes from 2013.

adidas adizero Hagio Side>>>adidas adizero Hagio Medial>>>First off, if you are familiar with my taste in shoes, you¡¯ll immediately know that this one is right up my alley. It¡¯s a great looking shoe, and quite possibly the brightest shoe in my collection. This is one shoe that will stick out in any crowd ¨C it makes the bright yellow coloring of the Newton Distance Racer or Skechers Go Run look almost drab in comparison. The upper detailing is very nice, and the overlays are a shiny synthetic material that makes them really stand out from the surrounding mesh. As for the mesh, there is plenty of it, and the shoe is extremely well ventilated, particularly around the toebox.

The Adios Adidas ZX 850 Homme Pas Cher Boost had a perfect combo of a soft heel and a firm, responsive forefoot. It ran incredibly smooth, and the fit was dialed in on my feet. Pretty much a perfect shoe for my taste, and the 10mm drop did not bother me at all (probably due to the soft heel and the fact that the relatively thin forefoot provides good ground feel; or maybe just that since dialing in my form by going more minimal I now feel I can run in just about anything).

¡°Kenyan runners race in low-support shoes, but they mostly train in big, chunky, cushioned sneakers, just like your average, plodding Western jogger. Oddly, though, and contrary to Lee¡¯s (Saxby) theories, these big shoes don¡¯t force the Kenyans to run heel first. They virtually all run in a lovely, smooth forefoot-first style ¨C what Lee would term ¡°barefoot style.¡± The shoes, it seems, make no difference.

How the heck does this anecdote about Kenyan runners and their shoes relate to a review of the adidas Adios? Well, I¡¯m now about 1.5 years into my own transition to barefoot-style running form, and at this point I¡¯ve come to find that I can run in just about anything and retain this style. I may heel strike a bit from time to time, more-so with some shoes than others, but my cadence stays high and I don¡¯t tend to overstride regardless of the shoes on my feet. I can¡¯t even force myself to do the heel mashing, 45 degree angle between the sole and ground that is so common in recreational runners wearing big shoes. Running in zero drop shoes now rarely causes me calf soreness. My new form seems to be ingrained, and it now just feels normal. The wear pattern on the Adios seems to support this ¨C there is zero wear on the most posterolateral heel (see photo below), and the wear along the lateral edge extends from the anterior heel to the posterior forefoot. This suggests to me a midfoot strike to a mild heel strike in the Adios. Nothin Adidas ZX Flux Homme Pas Cher g like the days when I was running in heavy stability shoes with a 12mm lift ¨C I used to trash the heels of shoes like that.

The only change from the adios ride that is made on the XT 5 is that it is a little lower stack height and more flexible in the forefoot since the torsion system in the XT 5 doesn¡¯t extend as far forward as the adios. The torsion system it is still there though, which is great for providing some structure to the shoe, protecting th Adidas Stan Smith Homme Vente e midfoot from rocks, and preventing foot fatigue on longer runs.

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