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4. Step Time ¨C time from dames nike schoenen nederland initial contact of one foot to initial contact of the opposite foot.

At the lower rpm it is much harder to turn the pedals over, even though the work output (and speed) is exactly the same.Foot strike characteristics notwithstanding, this leads me to believe that similar principles may be at play in running, that a higher turnover likely allows the aerobic system to take more of the workload.

De Wit B, De Clercq D, Aerts P: Biomechanical analysis of the stance phase during barefoot and shod running. J Biomech, 33:269-278, 2000. Freedman JA, Dufek JS, Merce nike flyknit roshe run dames r JA: Kinetic characteristics of barefoot running. North Amer. Congress of Biomech, Ann Arbor, MI, August 2008. And, Brad, how do you measure the efficiency of ¡°elastic recoil¡± in the human body during running?

When I lecture on barefoot vs shod running biomechanics, I make the point that the increase in stride length with increasing running speed combined with the fact that barefoot running causes a shortened stride length vs shod running, may be one of the main reasons why we don¡¯t see hardly any elite runners running barefoot in races: because running barefoot limits the stride length of most runners on hard surfaces, thus limiting racing speeds.That might be an interesting subject for on nike roshe bloemen e of your next discussions.

I had thought about this ¨C I¡¯m devising a way to attach my sensor to my bare foot. Tape may be the best option, which would be painful for my hairy hobbit feet. I can run 5K pace barefoot without too much trouble, but not sure about sub 5:00.

Alex pretty much sums up my feelings on cadence, and I absolutely agree that 180 need not be some magic number that all runners need to shoot for. I goedkoop nike air max 90 heren n a previous post here on Runblogger I wrote the following:

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