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New Balance Minimus Trail Shoe Performance NB 574 Womens UK Sale Enough about appearance and structure, let¡¯s move on to performance. I¡¯ll state openly as did in my Minimus Road first look that I have only run twice in these shoes. I¡¯ll also state openly that to this point the vast majority of my lifetime miles have been run on roads ¨C if you want the perspective of a hard-core trail runner, check out great reviews by Jason Robillard and Bryon Powell. My personal interest in the Minimus Trail is two-fold. First, I am looking for a minimalist shoe with good traction for winter running here in NH. Second, I¡¯m running my first trail ultra next March, and needed a suitable shoe to use for both training and for the race itself. Right now, I¡¯d say the Minimus Trail, the Saucony Peregrine, or a top-secret third shoe are the most likely options for me (I¡¯m hoping to get a sample of the Peregrine soon).

In the MT110v2 New Balance has ditched the roomy Minimus last for a snugger fit, and they have moved the shoe onto a more aggressively lugged platform. I haven¡¯t seen the shoe myself, but Nate has a pair and has run in them a few times. His informal review to me is that the new sole is awesome, but the new last is a big problem for him and may be a deal breaker. He should have a review up on Biker Nate soon. The only detailed review I hav newbalancesale2016.com e seen so far of the MT110v2 was posted by Jeremy over at Purposeless Play.One issue with the upper of the 1400v2 is that internally it¡¯s very rough, almost sandpapery rough. This is not a shoe for sockless running, I didn¡¯t even try it as I would guarantee some serious abrasion and blistering. Despite this, I have had no issues with hotspots or blisters while wearing thin socks.

One of the things that I really like about the 1500 is the outsole. It¡¯s full coverage, so durability should be good, and the forefoot is covered by rubber nubs that are very grippy. They almost could be called lugs, and for this reason the 1500 could even double as a light-duty trail shoe. It¡¯s not going to handle mud, but the grip is good enough that I was able to run a few times over crusty ice in them without much problem this winter.

New Balance RC5000 SideNew Balance RC5000 Medial Two things struck me when I first put the RC5000 on my feet. First, I was pleasantly surprised by how it fit ¨C plenty of room up in the toebox, reasonably comparable to the Mizuno Universe in this regard. I felt no real toe squeezing, and the upper has a bit of give to allow the foot to spread. Second, the sole felt distinctly softer than that of the Mizunos. It might be partly due to the fact that the RC5000 has a fairly well-cushioned (removable) insole, but the Revlite midsole on the RC5000 does feel a tad cushier than the midsole of the Universe. The removable insole is a departure from the integrated, non-removable footbed of the Universe ¨C I suppose you could remove it to create an even roomier fit, but the mesh underneath might be uncomfortable without socks.

Conclusion My initial impressions of the Minimus Trail are overwhelmingly positive. The main complaint that others have pointed out is the 4mm heel lift, but I can live with that for now, especially since the shoe is so versatile and otherwise well designed (I still hope a zero-drop version is in the works!). Though it is admittedly probably very premature to come to a firm conclusion, my gut tells me that New Balance has a winner here in the Minimus Trail. I¡¯m hesitant to say the same for the Minimus Road at this point ¨C need to d New Balance 574 Womens UK Sale o more miles in them to get a better feel. However, given the ability to run both on and off-road in them equally well, my early preference would go to the Minimus Trail.

Apparently I¡¯m not the only one who had a fondness for the MT101 as over the past few months I¡¯ve been hearing hushed rumors that it might be returning in 2015. Last week Running Warehouse confirmed these rumors and revealed that the MT101 will indeed be returning next year. The RW blog featured an interview with New Balance projec New Balance 990 Outlet t manager Brendan Murray in which they discussed the MT101 v2.

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