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After reading these studies, I recalled a Womens Converse SB Cheap Sale light moment at the Running Injury Conference in Shepherdstown, WV that I attended back in January. Podiatrist Ray McClanahan was giving a presentation and he took off a shoe to show off the bulging belly of his abductor hallucis ¨C he had ¡°guns¡± in his feet! The abductor hallucis, as I mentioned, is the muscle that pulls the big toe medially away from the other toes. Make this muscle stronger, and this could provide the explanation for why many minimalist and barefoot runners claim that their big toe begins to migrate away from the others (into a position like that of the habitually unshod Indians discussed above, I might add¡­). I also begin to wonder if increasing the strength of the big toe flexor allows the big toe to take some load off of the metatarsal heads during stance phase, and whether this might also explain some of the difference between the unshod and shod plantar pressure differences shown in the D¡¯Aout paper. Going further, perhaps weakness of this muscle combined with poorly adapted foot bones might contribute to some of the metatarsal stress fracture issues people occasionbally run into when transitioning into minimalist/barefoot running. Total speculation here, but interesting to put some pieces together and ponder.

One of the most common claims made by minimalist and barefoot runners (myself Youth Converse All Star High top Cheap Sale included) is that running in minimalist shoes (or barefoot) can be an effective tool for strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs. The idea is that constrictive, stiff, and overly cushioned modern footwear brace the foot, alter our natural biomechanics, and limit the ability of the foot and leg muscles to function naturally. As a result, these muscles get weak.

¡°¡­it can be hypothesized that an especially designed training shoe with a multiple segmented outsole, mimicking barefoot movements and allowing barefoot-like exercises on hard surfaces, could induce different mechanical stimuli on foot and shank muscles. A biopositive adaptation should be advantageous in terms of injury prevention or performance enhancement. The purpose of this study was to identify an eventual training and adaptation effect in morphology and function on foot and lower leg muscles when wearing such a specifically designed training shoe.¡±

I was in New York City for a story on the New Jersey-New York Track Club and while riding the subway back from the Armory someone asked me about my shoes. A young guy. Early 20s. Probably not a runner. But he was a sneaker-head, and he saw that I was wearing a pair of the old Nike Daybreaks¡ªso sick, if you¡¯ve ever seen them, purple and orange (photo here). Like most guys that collect sneakers, I¡¯d gotten them off eBay or somewhere else online. Young guys like me often do wear old (-looking) shoes, and if you don¡¯t believe that, you must be a runner.

Runners: No one is going to question the veracity of your PRs during a night on the town just because you¡¯re not wearing split shorts. Save the trainers for the roads, and for God¡¯s sake, wear vintage running shoes. You finally have options.

What they found was that individuals in the conventional shoe group saw no change in toe flexor strength, whereas the Nike Free group saw a significant 20% increase in toe flexor strength. The experimental group also saw a reduced path of motion of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint, which they suggested could be related to the higher strength of th Youth Converse All Star Low top Cheap Sale e toe flexors ¨C stronger flexion of the toes would lead to less dorsiflexion (upward tow movement) during gait. With regard to MRI results, they found that the flexor hallucis longus (the muscle that flexes the big toe) was significantly larger after the experiment in those assigned the Nike Free. Although not significantly larger (very close), they found that both the abductor hallucis (the muscle that pulls the big toe away from the second toe) and tibialis posterior (a muscle the supports the arch and resists pronation) showed a trend towar Converse for Lover UK Sale d size increase after the experiment for the Nike Free group.

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