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When I help people find new running shoes, I like to Nike Air Max Thea Flyknit vente offer up this phrase as a guiding philosophy: ¡°Form follows function.¡± In other words, how the shoe looks should always be secondary to how it feels. Unlike shoes worn by Michael Jordan or LeBron James or Stephen Curry, running shoes are usually not bought to garner comments of praise, though the designs continue to get better and more colorful. They are purchased to be beaten down on the roads and trashed on the trails. And then the process repeats again and again. Form follows function.

My ITBS started while training for the ¡¯09 Chicago Marathon in Asics 2012s (now 2016s?). I was able to finish after much physical therapy and trained for the ¡¯10 Chicago Marathon with the same issues, same shoes (newer model), but DNF¡¯d at mile 15. My pain usually started when mileage began to ramp up to 10-15 miles during the training cycle. I have since gone minimal (Saucony Kinvara, Merrell trail glove, New Balance Minimus road all in rotation), without any problems. I have also been strength training my core and ITB muscle group, as well a Nike Air Max Zero vente s going to a midfoot strike. All of these changes combined have kept me injury free for the last 6 months.

Do you think this could happen if you¡¯re using the same brand/style? I developed ITBS last fall during half training and the only thing that changed were the shoes. I kept the same brand and style BUT since shoes vary even within the same style/brand, could it be that? Should I switch back to my other shoes?

Just want to echo that I¡¯ve had a very similar story. I¡¯m just at 2 years of suffering with ITBS. It is a maddening injury, because you can try different things, but it is so hard to pinpoint what is helping and what isn¡¯t. I¡¯m just a running sack of confounding variables. And even if you find something that you think helped, all of a sudden you get the symptoms again. I¡¯ve tried so many things. I¡¯ve finally just resigned myself that I¡¯m always going to suffer from this, so I¡¯ll just limit my miles and essentially become just a causal jogger. Currently it still hurts, but I don¡¯t get the stabbing knife in the side of the knee pain anymore, at least not yet. I¡¯m sure it will return if I start ramping up my mileage again. I envy the people that only have this for a few months.

I agree, I am more concerned about fit that color. I¡¯ve had my share of ugly but perfect shoes over the years (NB 1400, for example). But hot pink, that has got to be banned. I am talking to you Adidas Boost Boston. And you, NB 890. Seriously, what is with the pepto bismo pink? And if that¡¯s the onl Nike Stefan Janoski Max vente y color my store has, the shoe gets banned. (it helped on my recent visit that I like the Kinvara better anyway)

Thanks for your reply. I am going to go to my local running store and request a neutral shoe. I have heard they always try to sell you inserts when you tell them that you¡¯re having problems such as mine. I noticed that you named a few of your favorite types of shoes that are more neutral-do yo Nike Air Max Flyknit Femme ventex u have any current favorites?Just to give me somewhere to start.

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