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 Looks like she is supinating before her Nike Free 5.0 Mens Best sale footstrike much more when shod which causes her to then pronate after initial contact. This also looks more pronounced in her left foot. That last statement is much harder to validate because the camera looks to be centered behind her right foot. Another thing I noticed is that when running shod her feet land along the same line. In other words, her legs and feet swing outward and then back in so that each foot lands in the center line. When not shod her feet look to move within their own planes so that there is less intersection between the planes of movement.

Pete, a couple suggestions I would make based on the videos and limited knowledge.

My next thought is our gait changes as we go from a jog to a sprint. For most runners our foot strike changes, from heel strike/mid-foot to forefoot strike, this may have an influence on cadence as we get more from the elastic recoil of our feet/lower legs. Also, or likely much more significant, is that as we get faster our feet naturally kick up towards up butts much Nike Free 5.0 Women UK sale more when running faster which reduces the moment of inertia of the leg making it easier to pull forward? However, this wouldn¡¯t be quite as clean cut though as we also have far more range of motion when running fast so our limbs have further to rotate to get from the further back to further forward position. How might this all come out in the end ¨C Is it easier to run at high cadence when running fast simply due to changes in gait? Can¡¯t answer this one either, but an interesting question to pose no less :-)

and what has not. She very well have may tried these suggestions with

A couple of weeks back I started putting together mathematical model of the relationship between time on stance, time of flight to maximum G loading and vertical travel on stance and in the air. The vertical travel and time on stance relate to the joint angles which in turn relate to the moments that our joints and the muscles and tendons need to handle. Some of the maths is straight forward enough to analysis and draw conclusions by hand, but some of the maths was getting a bit too complicated for me draw any definitive conclusions from ¨C these I¡¯ll need to put into a computer and get it to plot the relationships. My motivation behind the math models was to explore the question about a runners height and cadence, to tease out what the equivalence might be.

Unfortunately her left leg has a much more limited range of motion as evidenced by a significantly lower heel to seat motion when compared to the right leg. This means she has less of an ability t Nike Roshe Run Womens UK sale o generate force with actively pulling her under her center of gravity. The entire left leg is less capable of absorbing shock at peak ground contact. In addition, she crosses over her midline more with the left leg as compared to the right. Her foot movement is good and corrective shoes or no shoes are not the answer. I would be curious to know if she has a leg length discrepancy. My suggestion would be working on total left leg flexibility ¨C at the foot and ankle, knee and hip. Improve Nike Air Max 90 Womens Flower sale d range of motion coupled with running form drills might help.

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