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The one big problem I have Nike Roshe Run Commemorative had with the Lunarglide 5 is abrasion and blistering along the inner ball of my right foot behind my big toe. I¡¯m almost certain the reason for this is the soft midsole. I tend to pronate a bit more on my right side, and a soft midsole under the medial forefoot will cave as I reach max pronation. This can lead to excessive movement of foot relative to shoe in this area. I have similar issues in the Nike Pegasus, and in some models of Nike Free. Also had issues with the original Skechers GoRun. It seems to happen only in shoes with a soft medial forefoot that doesn¡¯t provide a stable base. I don¡¯t get it on my left side where I pronate less (I¡¯ve had this asymmetry confirmed in a 3D gait lab), and I don¡¯t tend to get it in firmer shoes. The blistering issue is significant enough for me that these will likely not get much use from me for running after writing this review, but I want to clearly emphasize that this is likely an issue resulting from a bad match between my own form and the shoe. If you don¡¯t tend to get calluses/blisters on the balls of your feet, the Lunarglide 5¡¯s may be fine.

Yes, same size as all my shoes. I can understand not liking the toebox, though. I think shape is the most important thing in a shoe. It doesn¡¯t bothe Nike Roshe Run Dyn FW QS r me. I did have to mess with the laces a lot (on both the Adios and Boston) to get them right. I typically wear laces very loose or I get top of foot pain. Thanks for your reviews. Looking forward to your Kinvara 3 review ;o)

Ran the Hagio this past season, loved em, although they weren¡¯t the most durable. Looking for something to train indoors in for Winter track (intervals, warm up before meets etc). I really like the look of these shoes, and the new Hagio colour is pretty bleak. but I want something that will still hold up at high speed- I noticed below it was talking about the springiness of the Hagio vs gazelle. Would you not recommend them then? I was really excited to give these shoes a go

The adidas Adios is not a shoe that I would recommend to someone looking for good ground feel, and it¡¯s not a shoe that will do much to promote form change in those who are looking for some help from a more minimal pair of shoes. That being said, it might be a good first step for someone looking to transition slowly downward if they can handle the tapered toebox. It¡¯s also a decent choice as a racing shoe for people who do all of their miles in more traditional 12mm drop shoes ¨C it¡¯s not as big a deviation from what they are used to as a flat with a lower differential. For minimalists, there¡¯s not a lot in this shoe that will appeal, but that¡¯s not really the target audience for a shoe like this. For me, the adidas Hagio meets my needs and fits me better than the Adios, so this is probably not a shoe that will see a lot of action on my feet going forward. That being said, I¡¯m glad that I accepted the offer to try this one out.

David Henry is a 31 year old husband and father of 3 young children. He has completed over 23 ultra marathon events as well as many other shorter races. Some of the notable races he has completed include The Pike¡¯s Peak Marathon, Speedgoat 50k, The Rut 50k, and Bighorn 100. He has raced in diverse environments ranging from Alaska in winter to the Arizona desert. David appreciates well-crafted running shoes an Nike Free 5.0 Women's Lightweight d running on any surface and distance. If interested you can follow my running on Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/davidjonhenry Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Thanks Robert for the engineering perspective as always! A problem with the video is that the human body is not a steel ball as pointed out elsewhere in the comments, and the human body is remarkably good at adjusting in small ways to anything underfoot (changing muscle activation, limb stiffness, etc.). It¡¯s why mechanical testing of shoes can¡¯t always tell you ho Nike Free 5.0 V3 UK sale w the shoe will behave when on the human foot.

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