Daily maintenance of floor

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Aggrandizement wood floor。 Clean the floor, attention should be paid to keep the floor dry, do not use a lot of water flushing, pay attention to avoid long-term inundate partial floor. Clean stains selected neutral cleaning agent,<a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/pergola.html">Outdoor WPC Pergola aterial, Cheap And Durable WPC Pergola</a>
avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture etc..
In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation, keep indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. No need to paint and strengthen the floor waxing, do not use sandpaper polishing.
Solid wood composite floor。 Keep the floor dry, clean, no dripping mop the floor, do not use alkaline water, soap and water cleaning. If the air is dry in wet mop or put a basin of water in the heating and humidifying humidifier is also available.<a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/flowerbox.html">Outdoor WPC Flower Boxes, WPC Flower Boxes Environment Friendly</a>
Try to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid the surface of the paint in advance of aging, cracking.
The local board accidentally contaminated stains should be removed promptly. If have oil, use cloth dipped in warm water dip a small amount of scrub washing powder; if the drug or pigment, must not penetrate wood surface before the stain can be removed. Floor as far as possible to avoid contact with water for a long time, in particular, can not contact with hot water.
Solid wood flooring。 In the laying of solid wood floors, if not to do moisture treatment, bathrooms and rooms are not well separated from the ground, will affect the life of the floor. <a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/bench.html">Outdoor WPC Bench Material, Outdoor WPC Bench No Maintenance And Maintenance</a>
Be wet with water or alkaline, soapy water scrub, will destroy the brightness of paint; summer did not pay attention to pull the curtain, bed floor after exposure to sunlight will angry cracking; open air temperature is too low, day and night temperature change is too large, will let the floor due to expansion and contraction is too severe, resulting in deformation and cracking etc.

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