The solid wood flooring need to pay attention to the problem

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1, before the installation of the first clean the ground, so that the ground level and clean.
2, avoid using cement to fix the keel, so as to avoid the floor damp deformation, <a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/in-germany.html">PVC Soft Boat Decking in Germany</a>
such as the cement has been sealed, can be used to paint the paint will be closed.
three, floor assembly is completed, must be immediately sealed with a solid primer painting again for protection, such as the use of too long time, not easy to damp or dry paint floor, once the pollution is difficult to clean up.

4, earthworm bone must use dry wood, the moisture content below 17%, keel construction must be planed,<a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/in-america.html">PVC Fence in American</a>
with horizontal line unified keel height, or in the future due to the effects of stress, produced between floating floor cracks.
5, moist ground environment such as the, moisture-proof handle, also back of floor coating a layer of moistureproof paint protection,<a href="http://wpcfloormaterial.com/in-norway.html">WPC Decking in Norway</a>
especially the kitchen and bathrooms and connected floors back side to paint protection and moisture partition processing. New residential floor to use moisture proof coating for moisture isolation treatment.

6, the construction of the floor when the wall must be left around 1 centimeters of space is appropriate to use climate change caused by the expansion of the floor. The floor and the floor of the interface can not be used glue, we must use the floor nail from the opening 45 degrees nail in the keel.

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