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 I Adidas Superstar Mens Cheap largely ignored the video with the steel ball, it¡¯s just entertainment. I find it less offensive than the majority of the crap spilled out shoe manufactures touting their latest bogus innovation. The video still is silly and should be treated as goofy marketing. On a technical note, all shoes loose more energy on first half of stance than the return on second half of stance, so the net energy is always negative.

So it¡¯s very much a case of is the spring in the shoe more efficient than the spring in your legs. And if it is more efficient does does this provide greater gain Adidas ZX 700 Mens top s than the weight of the shoes increases losses?

Interesting point about maintaining form, I¡¯ve just finished reading Dhar¡¯s book also and he makes some interesting observations about form. I find it fascinating that coaches in Kenya seem to spend little time worrying what their athletes are running in¡­ Because they all have fantastic form from running barefoot as kids! It seems that a shoe can¡¯t teach great form!

dislike the adios2! as soon as I slipped them on I regretted ordering them. I really wish they would make a show extremeley similar to the original adios or re-release it. I may try the hagio because it seems closer to the orig adios

is it possible to compare it with the Hagio (ho Adidas ZX 750 Mens Online w fast both can be, their traction and possibility of running bigger distances)?Running Warehouse is selling both in a similar orange color (i think so!), but the hagio is in liquidation.Thanks and have a nice weekend!

I agree with you, once your stride is changed, the shoes do not matter that much anymore. I¡¯m still running with my Cumulus 12 from time to time, and I¡¯m not heel striking. Once your legs are used to the new stride, it becomes the natural way of running. When I tr Adidas ZX Flux Mens top y to heel strike now, I give me awkward sensations.

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