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So he brought out the Nike Free 3.0 Homme Pas Cher Mizunos and Asics in 2E¡¯s, and I gave them both another try. Now let me state my minor beef with Asics shoes ¨C they don¡¯t make the shoelaces long enough to double-knot, so I was constantly retying my Gel-1150¡¯s. And yes, I know I could put in new laces, but see paragraph 3. When they both felt similar on a trial run, I went with the Mizunos. And, I¡¯ll be honest, I liked the way they looked.

I¡¯m curious about the cause of my Haglund¡¯s ¨C given the size of the spur, I¡¯d guess that it had to have developed prior to me making the minimalist/barefoot transition. When I went for the consult with the foot and ankle specialist he said that a typical cause is repeated rubbing of a stiff heel counter against the heel bone. However, none of the shoes I wear seem to irritate the heel. I¡¯m an engineer so it¡¯s pretty casual wear at work and I always wear running shoes. I almost never wear dress shoes. If anything, the raised heel of my running shoes provides relief by taking some stress off the AT, and probably by changing the angle of the AT relative to the Haglund¡¯s structure. For now I¡¯m going to go back to running in traditional running shoes to see if that will keep me out of surgery, and not lead to a recurrence of my past hip issues. If that successfully rehabs my bursitis then I¡¯ll return t Nike Air Max 2016 Femme Pas Cher o using barefoot running as a tool and run only once or twice a week and not on my long runs. Maybe over time that spur will remodel and allow a more gradual transition to exclusively minimal footwear.

I immediately began to think, ¡°yes, Brooks Launch it is!¡± but he did restrain me a bit by steering me towards a few options that at least offered some cushioning. We started with the new Brooks Ghost 3. I liked them, but they were a bit heavy (weighing in at 11 ozs.) and a bit snug. We then tried the Mizuno Wave Rider 13. Definitely lighter, and I could particularly notice the reduced height of the heel. I had a similar impression with the Asics DS-Trainers. However, things still felt a bit snug, and when I mentioned my concerns about my toenails, Vince asked ¡°was it your pinky?¡± Upon my ¡°yes¡± answer, he responded, ¡°well, then you need a wide shoe. ¡° If the shoes were too short, you¡¯d have issues in your big toe. I had never considered this before. Wow, what a V8 moment (and you¡¯d think my podiatrist would have pointed that out to me)!

The upper mesh is open in the midfoot and forefoot to provide for some air flow. Unlike the new Free 3.0 Flyknit, which I have heard fits fairly tightly, the 4.0 has a traditional tongue, and I think this allows for better customization of fit. I¡¯ve run sockless in the shoes a few times and have had a bit of abrasion on one run near the midfoot/arch (maybe from one of the Flywire bands?), but this has been inconsistent. May have just been a hot day with more sweat leading to chafe. No issues at all while wearing socks (side note ¨C these shoes seem to hold a stink when you use them sockless).

From time to time I get emails from readers with various types of running injuries. Given that I am not a medical doctor, I generally don¡¯t feel comfortable doing much more than discussing the anatomy and sharing some houghts, and usually my advice is to seek professional help if an injury is of major concern to a runner (in other words, I know and respect my limits!).

I also noticed some changes in how my muscles felt during training ¨C there was more soreness on the first run in my inner shins and hamstrings, whic Nike Air Max 2015 Femme Pas Cher h I presume is due to getting used to a slight change in my gait (but may have been from the tail end of a tough running week). The shin issues have disappeared, but the hamstrings still fell a little tighter than normal. The lower heel compared to the Nike¡¯s seems to be forcing (allowing?) me to be less of a heel striker (and honestly I was already surprised as to how little wear the Nike¡¯s had on the heel (see below), compared to the two pairs I owned last year Nike Air Max 2015 Homme Pas Cher ) and I¡¯m sure that¡¯s forcing some adjustments in my motion.

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