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New Balance RC5000 Top Another thing that was very newbalancesale.top noticeable while walking around in the RC5000 is that there is absolutely zero arch support. In fact, the width of the midsole is rather slim under the midfoot due to an extensive cutout under the arch (see indentation in arch-region in photo below), and the arch is supported almost entirely by the thin fabric upper. In contrast, the Mizuno Universe has a bit of EVA that curls up under the arch, making the shoe feel a bit more secure (its not so much arch support as foam that reinforces the upper). My concerns with this design in the RC5000 are durability and stability ¨C you need to have pretty solid muscular control of your feet in the mediolateral plane to avoid rolling in excessively on the softish sole of this shoe. If I could redesign this shoe, I¡¯d probably fill in the arch cutout with a bit more EVA to increase the width in this region (I¡¯d increase midsole width under the midfoot to make it about equivalent to width under the heel).

The internal lining of the upper is very soft, almost sock-like. There is a thin insole with just the slightest hint of arc New Balance 574 cheap sale h support. The upper overall is extremely comfortable. Sole

When I first put the One2¡¯s on my feet my reaction was ¡°Wow, this is an Altra???¡± They felt downright cushy compared to other Altras I¡¯ve tried, and for me this is a good thing. The feel underfoot is very comparable to the Saucony Virrata, maybe even the original Saucony Kinvara. And the reason why this is good for me is because those two shoes have been on my feet in my last three marathons (not at the same time!). The One2 is like a Virrata with a super wide toebox and a less structured upper, and less of a lug-like feeling under the forefoot.

Apparently I¡¯m not the only one who had a fondness for the MT101 as over the past few months I¡¯ve been hearing hushed rumors that it might be returning in 2015. Last week Running Warehouse confirmed these rumors and revealed that the MT101 will indeed be returning next year. The RW blog featured an interview with New Balance project manager Brendan Murray in which they discussed the MT101 v2.

I¡¯ve seen a lot of commentary from Altra fans complaining about the move to greater cushioning. I¡¯ve seen others excited about the change. Personally, I¡¯d like to see both ends of the spectrum stay in play, but I also understand that the economics of the footwear business mean that tough decisions have to be made. Shoes that aren¡¯t selling either need to be dropped or redesigned, and this is particularly true for a small company like Altra. The founders of Altra believe in minimal footwear (though they are quick to say they are not a minimal company, and I agree), and if a market exists for such shoes they will be players (I¡¯ve even heard they may have a new minimal shoe in the works). Altra¡¯s philosophy i New Balance 576 sale usa s that if people want cushioned shoes, let¡¯s at least give them the option of zero drop and a wide toebox ¨C these are the features that Altra has stayed true to from the very beginning.

The Zante is the third addition to the Fresh Foam collection (the FF Trail was released earlier this year). The Zante isn¡¯t actually going to be available widely until next year (now available at Running Warehouse), but they released a special edition version of the shoe for the NYC Marathon. I purchased a pair and hav New Balance 990 cheap sale e put enough miles on them now to share some thoughts.

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