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The reality is that pronation Mens Converse All Star UK Sale is completely normal. If you walk in a shoe store and their sole basis for choosing a shoe for you is how much your pronate and what your arch looks like, turn around and walk out the door. You¡¯re probably just as well-off choosing a shoe at random from an on-line store. The science simply does not support this protocol (I wrote an entire chapter in my book explaining why), and in fact may contraindicate this practice. Given this, I was pleased to see a post come across my blogroll by sports podiatrist Ian Griffiths.

Griffiths feels that pronation is simply one factor to consider when dealing with an injured patient, and this is in line with my view as well. It¡¯s one factor among many that could contribute to any given injury, and it has been given a primacy in the footwear world that it does not deserve. It would be like deciding all of a sudden that we should assign shoes to runners based on their amount of hip adduction and internal rotation because excessive amounts have been linked to increased patellofemoral pain syndrome risk ¨C at least in this case there would be some science supporting the practice.

10. Higher vertical impact loading rates (how fast impact is applied to the body ¨C think Womens Converse All Star UK Sale punching a wall with your bare fist vs. a boxing glove) have been linked to injuries like lower extremity stress fractures (see this review paper by Zadpoor and Nikooyan, 2011). Conversely, Nigg, 1997 reports results of what appears to be an unpublished graduate thesis suggesting that impact force and loading rate are not linked to injury, and that increased loading rate was actually associated with fewer injuries. However, this analysis looked at short term injuries and did not look at injuries by specific type. I am hesitant when trying to interpret results from research that has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, and currently am trying to get ahold of the thesis. In contrast to Nigg¡¯s findings, Davis et al. report results of a prospective study in a conference abstract showing that vertical impact peak and vertical loading rate are linked to a higher incidence of running injury. More studies are needed!!!

2. Weather ¨C my kids wear Crocs almost exclusively when its warm. The shoes are darn near indestructible, and they are super wide. Of all the aspects of a kid shoe that I value most, a non-constricting fit is most important to me, and Crocs fit that bill as well as anything. Unfortunately, winter in NH means Crocs go away for 5-6 months of the year, so other options need to be found that can handle nasty weather. That usually means a pair of sneakers and some type of winter boot.

In the study, the authors recruited 18 female subjects and had them run in a traditionally cushioned shoe as well as a modified version of the same shoe (see photo below). In the modified shoe, the sole was cut and a stiffened, 2.2 cm thick rocker element was added. This rocker moved the position of the sole rolling point (I¡¯d call this the beginning of the toe spring) back a bit toward the midfoot (53% of shoe length vs. 65% in the normal shoe ¨C see arrows in the photo below). A weakness of this study Mens Converse Pro Star UK Online is that the addition of the rocker element made the rocker shoes much heavier than the unmodified shoes (over 150g heavier per shoe on average). The sole stack height was also considerably thicker in the rocker shoe (2.2 cm).

3. What we need most are more clinical trials where people with a particular injury are placed in a specific type of shoe to see whether it alleviates pain/symptoms. For example, if you took a group of people with neuromas and put half in a Hoka and half in a traditional sho Mens Converse SB Cheap Sale e for a period of time what would the outcome be?

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