The kitchen also can lay the floor do you make?

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The kitchen also can lay the floor do you make?
feel that the floor only applies to the living room, bedroom, however, with the continuous progress of certain brands of business technology,WPC DIY Decking in Russia
the floor can also be spread into the kitchen. So fragile wood flooring how to withstand high temperature, oil and moisture test of ?
first of all, the eye view. Low density of the floor is very susceptible to moisture and moisture of the infringement, so buy the floor when the first look at its appearance, look at the density of the plate. Can also be used in a simple way, according to the density = mass / volume formula, to calculate the density of the whole floor. Generally speaking, low density board density is less than 450 kg / m3, the density board density of 450 kg ~600 kg / m,WPC Floor Material Solution
high density board density of 600 kg ~900 kg / m3.
next, dripping. Drop of water is to the rate of water absorption of the test floor, free to take 1-2 block floor, in front and back of the floor a few drops of water, after a certain time after absorbing water,Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool
decorative layer will form floating drops of water absorbed, the side of wood floor did not appear very obvious swelling phenomenon. This indicated that floor water absorption rate to meet the requirements.
third, test crack. Will a few pieces of the floor mosaic together, to see whether there is a height difference, if there is a significant drop proof floor heat shrink up the, this floor is not suitable for kitchen used for high temperature.

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