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锘? There are many questions that need to be addressed before you start on with your practice of flower gardening in containers. Few of those questions are as follows:

- What size of container do you have in mind? Would you prefer planting several different flowers in one large pot or you would like to use small containers for planting various flowers?

- Are you open to the idea of few hanging plants besides the stationary containers?

- Would you like to keep a provision for rearrangement in your container garden in case its looks start getting boring after a certain period of time?

- What's purpose is your endeavor of container gardening serving?

- What type of visual appeal are you planning to give to your container garden?

- Will it be mini plants or large plants in your container garden?

Though http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Dennis-Pitta-Elite-Jersey/ , given the right conditions and care, almost any plant can be grown in a container, however, if you are planning to have mixed plants in your container garden http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Sam-Koch-Elite-Jersey/ , there are several important points that need consideration. For example, the strawberry plants are usually not very competent when it comes to extracting nutrients and water from the soil. Therefore, planting them with an aggressive plant can result in strawberries being deprived of all the necessary nutrients required for their growth. Thus, it will be better if a small study can be done beforehand to find out the plants that possess similar characteristics and can be planted together for equal growth opportunity.

While its feasible to grow any flower plant in a container http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Brandon-Williams-Elite-Jersey/ , you will still need to provide it with necessary ingredients like water, light, soil and nutrients. You may even be required to employ a grow light (can be purchased at the local gardening store) for flowers needing full sunlight. The flowers that can survive even with indirect sunlight will fare well even near the window space. You must also be cautious that you don't use the normal garden soil for container gardening as it will transform into compact-hard type after some time, resulting in cramped roots.

It's better to use enhanced solutions like sterilized potting mix http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Ricky-Wagner-Elite-Jersey/ , soil-less potting mixtures or the prepared potting soil that can be bought at any nursery in your vicinity. In case you prefer adding some organic matter to the enhanced soil, you can use peat moss. Some specific plants like African violets and orchids demand special types of potting mixtures. All such requirements must not come as a surprise, thus, you must keep yourself updated and aware of all the needs of the plants in your container garden.

Even though you may be all geared up to create the best possible container garden right now http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Jeremy-Zuttah-Elite-Jersey/ , please remember, it's not possible to maintain such high enthusiasm levels throughout the journey. Hence, you must carefully plan out the plants you will grow depending on your availability and effort that you will be able to spare. Plants like African violets are relatively easier to grow as compared to exotic breeds like bird of paradise that requires great attention.

Once you have figured out the plants that you will be growing in your containers, it's time to start thinking about the designs and placements. Let your imagination take over at this point and indulge in whichever way to enhance the visual appeal of your garden. You can either consider clustering up the containers together or placing them away from each other at strategic locations. You can also think about lining them up neatly on wooden benches or adorn your bland looking stairway. Nothing looks beautiful than cute looking small containers with beautiful flowers in them giving you company while you climb the stairs. Window boxes can even be employed to brighten up the windowpanes.

Coming now to the actual planting procedure http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Kyle-Juszczyk-Elite-Jersey/ , you must start by placing some chipped wood or rocks at the containers' base. This is a better drainage solution as compared to holes that may lead to soil loss. Now start filling up the container slowly with your soil mixture (containing organic matter) and the beneficial fertilizer. Don't go on filling till the top as yet and stop at the level where you'd like your plants roots to settle. Place the plants root ball on the soil and start filling up rest of the container with soil up till one inch from the top. Once done, put plenty of water into the container immediately. In order to prevent the soil from drying up, you can also add dried moss or pebbles around the plants' base.

Plants that are most optimum for growth in containers are some tender perennials and non-hardy ones like coleus, delicate bulbs http://www.authenticnflravensprostore.com/Youth-Crockett-Gillmore-Elite-Jersey/ , lantana and asters. Annuals are also a wonderful option for container gardens as they bloom in no time and can endure even winter conditions.

The container gardens, though relatively easy to create, need good maintenance. They require constant watering as the soil in the containers dries out swiftly as it is fast-draining and lighter in nature. Plants in the container will also require all necessary nutrients to grow naturally like their counterparts planted on the ground. If taken care of well, your container gardens can liven up your living room and keep your spirits always high.
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