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4. Neutral runners Nike Air Max 2015 Femmes pas cher experienced greater pain after runs when wearing neutral shoes than they did when wearing stability shoes. Although the authors point out that the difference may not be clinically significant, it is once again amazing that neutral runners faired better with a shoe that would not have been ¡°prescribed¡± for them in a shoe store based on their degree of pronation.

I¡¯ll finish by relating a few quotes from Dr. Ryan, the lead author of this amazing study, as reported by Gretchen Reynolds¡¯ on the NY Times Well Blog. When asked how to choose a running shoe given his experimental results, Ryan says (and recall that his co-author is a biomechanics expert at the Nike Sports Research Laboratory ¨C I give Nike a lot of credit if they signed off on publication of this paper, though I have no idea if they had any say in the matter):

I bough Nike Air Max 90 Premium EM pas cher t the Prophecy when it first came out. I ran in it two weeks and returned them. First, they were heavy. Second, they felt ¡°clunky¡±. Third, I felt like I was running on stilts with

That last quote is right on the money ¨C ¡°turn on your sensors and listen to your body.¡± Your body evolved to run long distances, and it evolved to do so barefoot. The realist in me knows that most people will likely never run barefoot, so if that¡¯s not your thing, look for as little shoe as you can handle and still run comfortably. Your body will let you know if it¡¯s happy, be mindful and listen.

I agree completely. I was originally fitted with Brooks Adrenaline GTS stability shoes by one of the ¡®road running¡¯ stores, and they worked well while I was doing Couch to 5K, but once my running distance increased to around 5 miles, their limitations became obvious as I quickly developed an injury (posterior tibial tendinitis). Two weeks of ice, elevation, and rest healed things; but I had to move up to full motion control Brooks Beasts. Now I can do up to a half marathon without injur Nike Air Max Lunar 90 pas cher y ¡ª sure things get sore after about 9 miles, but I don¡¯t consider it to be an injury. In this case, it was either let the daggers jabbing my arches stop me from running completely, or wear a motion control shoe.

It certainly seems that the technology behind running shoes is a myth with respect to injuries. The last time I went shopping for shoes I told the salesperson (¡°expert¡±) I wanted a lighter nuetral shoe that promotes running like ¡°this¡± (¡°this¡± being more of a midfoo nike Dunk SB High Chaussures pas cher t strike) not one to compensate for my current t strike) not one to compensate for my current (horrible) form.

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