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5. Many running injuries are associated Converse jack purcell cheap sale with some kind of change in a runner¡¯s training. Could be a change in shoes, running surface (e.g., running on the treadmill all winter then resuming the same mileage on the roads when it warms up, mileage, volume of speedwork, etc).

I¡¯m a believer that different shoes modify how forces during running are applied to the body, and if the anecdotal observations described above are in fact representative of more widespread patterns, it may be that Hokas reduce force application to the forefoot, whereas minimal shoes might increase force application to the forefoot. We do have some indirect evidence for the latter in the form of a study that showed increased bone marrow edema in the metatarsals of runners in Vibram Fivefingers relative to runners in more traditionally cushioned shoes. Furthermore, a study in press at the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport compared plantar pressures between subjects running in minimal shoes (Merrell Pace Glove) vs. traditionally cushioned shoes, and reported the following results (I don¡¯t Converse All Star Mens uk sale have the full text of this study yet):

Unfortunately there are tradeoffs that often have to be made with kid¡¯s footwear. These include the following:

¡°The evolutionary history of humans shows that barefoot walking is the biologically natural situation. The use of footwear remains necessary, especially on unnatural substrates, in athletics, and in some pathologies, but current data suggests that footwear that fails to respect natural foot shape and function will ultimately alter the morphology and the biomechanical behaviour of the foot.¡±

Unfortunately, the pronation control paradigm has come to dominate the world of shoe fitting, and judging by the number of people asking for shoe advice on online forums who start by claiming they are an¡°overpronator,¡± it¡¯s not a topic that seems to be dying off as rapidly as it should.

After reading these studies, I recalled a light moment at the Running Injury Conference in Shepherdstown, WV that I attended back in January. Podiatrist Ray McClanahan was giving a presentation and he took off a shoe to show off the bulging belly of his abductor hallucis ¨C he had ¡°guns¡± in his feet! The abductor hallucis, as I mentioned, is the muscle that pulls the big toe medially away from the other toes. Make this muscle stronger, and this could provide the explanation for why many minimalist and barefoot runners claim that their big toe begins to migrate away from the others (into a position like that of the habitually unshod Indians discussed above Converse Canvas Mens cheap sale , I might add¡­). I also begin to wonder if increasing the strength of the big toe flexor allows the big toe to take some load off of the metatarsal heads during stance phase, and whether this might also explain some of the difference between the unshod and shod plantar pressure differences shown in the D¡¯Aout paper. Going further, perhaps weakness of this muscle combined with poorly adapted foot bones might contribute to some of the metatarsal stress fracture issues people occasionbally run into when transitioning into minimalist/barefoot running. Total speculatio Converse One Star Mens sale n here, but interesting to put some pieces together and ponder.

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