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2. Weather ¨C my kids wear Crocs Womens Converse SB Cheap Sale almost exclusively when its warm. The shoes are darn near indestructible, and they are super wide. Of all the aspects of a kid shoe that I value most, a non-constricting fit is most important to me, and Crocs fit that bill as well as anything. Unfortunately, winter in NH means Crocs go away for 5-6 months of the year, so other options need to be found that can handle nasty weather. That usually means a pair of sneakers and some type of winter boot.

Because runners, as a rule, make terrible clothing and footwear choices. Take my good friend Pat. Pat is a 2:13 marathoner, a Mizuno-sponsored athlete, and the owner of a perfect set of abs, yet he only switched to slim-leg jeans (direct from wide-leg jeans, completely skipping over the bootcut phase) under intense pressure from several women in his life.

The Altra Olympus is a shoe that I¡¯ve heard rumors about for some time, and Altra released a photo yesterday on Instagram:Altra Olympus Altra has long maintained that they are not a minimalist brand, but rather a zero drop brand that stays true to their belie Youth Converse All Star High top Cheap Sale f that a foot-shaped last is best. What they have done is produce shoes with varying amounts of cushioning that respect these two core beliefs, and the Olympus is a trail shoe that sits on the maximal end of their cushioning scale (the Altra Torin previously occupied this spot ¨C my wife is currently experimenting with the Torin along with her Hokas). My suspicion is that this shoe will be popular with members of the trail running community who like the Hoka feel but who have trouble with the snugger fit of Hoka toeboxes.

Question: Why do you wear pronation control shoes? Answer: Because someone at a shoe store told you that you need them, and they were told that you need them by a shoe company rep. The above Q&A basically describes my feelings on the topic of overpronation. You might think that you wear such shoes because you need support for your ¡°excessive¡± foot movement to prevent injury, but the reality is there is scant evidence at best that these shoes accomplish this goal, or that excessive pronation is even strongly linked to increased injury risk.

13. Simply increasing cadence (stride rate) may provide positive benefits in terms of joint loading. For example, Heiderscheit et al. 2011 showed that running with a faster cadence/higher stride rate (5-10% increase) reduced loading on the knee and hip, allowed for a more level carriage of the center of mass (less vertical oscillation), shortened stride length, and created less braking impulse. Read my post on the Heiderscheit paper here.

In the study, the authors recruited 18 female subjects and had them run in a traditionally cushioned shoe as well as a modified version of the same shoe (see photo below). In the modified shoe Youth Converse All Star Low top Cheap Sale , the sole was cut and a stiffened, 2.2 cm thick rocker element was added. This rocker moved the position of the sole rolling point (I¡¯d call this the beginning of the toe spring) back a bit toward the midfoot (53% of shoe length vs. 65% in the normal shoe ¨C see arrows in the photo below). A weakness of this study is that the addition of the rocker element made the rocker shoes much heavier than the unmodified shoes (over 150g heavier per shoe on average). The sole stack heigh Converse for Lover UK Sale t was also considerably thicker in the rocker shoe (2.2 cm).

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