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The following recommendations are suggested in a situation where marketing management Nike Air Max 90 Homme Pas Cher is competent. Nike should increase their market shares through issue new products, competitive pricing strategies, and advertisement and promotions activities. Nike also should restructure market dominance by separate themselves from the competitors mainly through mass promotion strategies and pricing strategies which make Nike more attractive to customers. Besides that, Nike must increase their awareness of corporate social responsibility to strengthen their image of themselves. What's more, Nike should pay much attention to their R&D department to research out different kinds of people with different taste to get the market diversification goals.

Nike targets on the consumers who care more about the utility and quality of the products rather than the price. In this way, the price is not affect too much (Frank, 2004, pp173). This has make Nike to set relatively higher price than its competitors. This strategy focuses on the consumers who like Nike and pushes the products value to a higher level. The customers who consider a product to be high quality are likely to pay the high price more often and consistently. Once the consumers develop the product intimacy, they com Nike Air Max 90 EM Pas Cher e to associate their person with the products and will pay whatever price quoted on the products.

Therefore, Nike should analyse the market and customers' preference as well as customers' buying behavior from time to time. Nike could prepare survey form to their customers in order to have more understanding on customers' taste, requirements when buying sportswear or footwear, and also collect the feedback and recommendation from consumers.

From November 30, 1978, when Nike officially began its premise, until now; it has grown exponentially. Created as a footwear distributor, it now not only distributes but also develops and designs athletic footwear, apparel, and many other athletic accessories, including sport equipment. Its product line currently consists of shoes designed for running, training, basketball, soccer, and even children's shoes as well as sport-inspired urban footwear. In addition, Nike markets shoes designed for baseball, lacrosse, football, cheerleading, volleyball, walking, skateboarding, wrestling, and other athletic uses. Moreover, "Nike sells a line of performance equipment under the Nike brand name, including bags, socks, sport balls, eyewear, timepieces, electronic devices, bats, gloves, protective equipment and other equipment designed for sports activities." (NYSE Euronext, 2007) After passing competitor Adidas in market share in the late 1970's, Nike has become the world's largest shoe and sport clothing supplier.

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Adidas and Reebok joining up together as a merger would be a good deal for leading over Nike but the two companies have a bad reputation due to financial problems which almost led them to bankruptcy and since they are to work together. The expansion of their business will take a while to develop because they have to have strong advertising strategies until the Asian Nike Air Max 90 Fleurs Pas Cher s .If the Asians like their ideas then they might as well adjust to the culture in countries like china since it has the biggest population. In the long run Asian countries like China might as well take a long time to work with the company in terms of coming up with factories in china. This might be one of their biggest problems which will enable them take a long time to lead Nike in terms of their market Nike. To go through all that they will be a lot o Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Pas Cher f expenses thus the company might run bankrupt again. (Adidas-Rebook, 2011)

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