Floor how classification?

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solid wood floor
advantages: natural texture; environmental protection; warm in winter and cool in summer, good tactility, good elasticity; good sound insulation,Application of High Quality WPC Pergolas in the Garden & Backyard
sound absorption and insulation properties. Can be refurbished. shortcomings: not wear-resisting, easy to lose luster; unfavorable change in the humidity larger place to use, otherwise easy to deformation; afraid of acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, afraid of burning.
aggrandizement floor
also known as impregnated paper laminated wood floor, by the wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high density substrate layer, balance (moisture) layer composition. advantages: price range, wide application range; many varieties of; stain resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance;Choosing Wood Plastic Flooring Tips, Removing Scratches Tips
good anti-skid performance, abrasion resistance, antibacterial, not moth, mildew; temperature and humidity affects deformation; good fireproof performance; light weight, reduce the building load capacity;laying, convenient.
has disadvantages: no real wood floor is good; repair; there are some problems of formaldehyde release.
solid wood composite floor
will cut sliced into table panel, a core plate and the bottom plate is a monolithic high quality solid wood sawing, and three kinds of monolithic in accordance with the longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal three-dimensional arrangement method, use glue to paste up, and under the high temperature compressed into boards, three layers and multilayer. Three layers of solid wood composite floor for high quality wood thin thin,Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring
the middle and the bottom for fast-growing wood, with the glue hot. Multilayer solid wood composite floor with multilayer plywood for the substrate surface for hardwood chips inlaying plate or a plane cut veneer, glue and hot pressing.
advantages: beautiful and natural, comfortable Jiaogan; abrasion resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance; flame retardant, anti mildew, moth; sound insulation, heat preservation; not easy to deformation; convenient laying. disadvantages: such as poor bonding quality will appear in the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the surface is thin, the use of theneed to pay attention to maintenance.

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