Good wood floor to teach you to buy roses

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product appearance
in the process of home design and decoration, the color of the floor and the selection of material selection is very important, Wood Plastic Flooring is an Economical Option
because the floor is the home design background and foundation. In addition, floor design should pay attention to the tone, the tone is a colour collocation, while also considering the color purity and brightness.
floor quality
choice of wood flooring raw materials, the price difference between different species. Do not be misled by the name of the floor that is not standardized, to choose the wood floor that is made of the tree species that is natural and stable. Check the moisture content of the wood floor. Water content is too high or too low, in the use of or around the environment temperature,About Cleaning And Maintenance of PVC Flooring
humidity changes will appear arch, Walen, expansion and contraction, and other deformation. Good water content of the floor to meet the standard, you can extend the life of its. Select the size size of wooden floor, the key is should not be long short, should not narrow width. If the home improvement in the selection of the floor heating, then, the wood floor should choose relatively thin.
floor mosaic
with a few pieces of wood floor random mosaic, check whether the seal, the feel is smooth. Check the floor and work fine degree, The Basic of PVC composite Flooring, Choose Tips of PVC Flooring
from the observation and feeling to check the quality is fine and smooth, tongue and groove with, the installation slot, anti deformation slot assembly is seamless.
paint quality
select wood flooring paint quality, the best choice of UV curing paint, first of all to plate surface paint film is uniform, plump, smooth, leakage lacquer, bubbling, perforation etc. phenomenon was observed. The side paint lubrication of the fingers along the notch along the touch, there is no rough feeling. Close to half of the market manufacturers do not have a round edge paint.
need to remind you is that single block floor and the whole paving effect to people the feeling is not identical of, therefore attention should be paid in the purchase of multi shop a few pieces of see the effect, and then determine the whether to buy. Primary factor of color. Deep color floor of the infection and performance is very strong, distinctive personality, light color floor style simple, pure and fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly defects of wood flooring, such as knot, bug, corrupt, crack texture flooring demand rise is people attach importance to the embodiment of natural, return uncut jade to return true philosophy.

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