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5. adidas Ultra Boost, Available Now ¨C Adidas Gazelle OG Homme Vente I initially scoffed at the Ultra Boost when I first saw the launch and promotional materials. With the launch of Boost a couple years ago, I was pretty skeptical and a bit turned off by adidas¡¯ aggressive marketing and overblown claims. However, since trying many of the Boost shoes to hit the market in the last 6 months, I have to say I¡¯m pretty impressed with the Boost material. It is at the same time soft, responsive and durable; attributes that don¡¯t usually go together when talking about midsole compounds. Well, the Ultra Boost has more boost (20% according to adidas, compared to Energy Boost I¡¯m assuming), a stretch web outsole and a Primeknit, booty-style upper. I¡¯ve taken them out for a 10 mile run out of the box and the springy boost ride is very noticeable, but also very forgiving and the shoe is quite flexible. The upper is what really shines to me, especially for ultramarathons, as it is mostly a soft knitted material mid to forefoot with a very soft and low heel collar area. What this translates to is a shoe that will be very comfortable even late in long races. I think it will handle moderate trails just fine as well. They run and feel like I wished a Hoka did. Much more flexible, not rockered, and a significantly more comfortable fit which is key for a more heavily cushioned shoe since I would look to them more for longer runs or late in races. When your feet are tired the last thing you want is a stiff, uncomfortable, or narrow fit.

2. inov-8 Terraclaw 220 (4mm drop) and 250 (8mm drop), Summer 2015 ¨C The Trailroc line has been a staple for inov-8 in the last couple of years. It¡¯s also one of my personal favorite lines from the brand and I¡¯ve used them in many races. Word is the Trailroc line is being phased out this year Adidas LA Trainer Homme Boutique and is being replaced by the new Terraclaw 220 and 250. While this may be bad news for many, I think there may be room for some hope. If inov-8 can pull it off, I think the Terraclaws may well surpass the Trailroc in versatility as they will add a little more cushion, while still giving some structure with a Dynamic Fascia Band shank as well as an outsole that will handle more technical routes without getting super aggressive like the Mudclaw or X-Talon line. The upper designs may prove to be the greatest improvement though, with the 220 (4mm drop) being the most ambitious with a unique asymmetrical short-laced design and the 250 (8mm drop) retaining a more standard lacing setup.

6. adidas adizero XT 5, Available Now ¨C As mentioned above, the adizero XT has tried to fill the lightweight spot in adidas¡¯ (rather sparse IMO) trail lineup, but has fallen short in the past. The XT 3 was pretty chunky and the XT 4, while having promise, was weighed down a bit by a pretty heavily lugged outsole. The XT 5 goes back to what has worked in the road market for adidas, which I wish they would do more often, and comes away as a trail version of the pre-Boost adios (adios 2) since it still uses adiprene instead of the more recently popular Boost. The nice thing, however, is they retail for $100 and keep things simple without cutting any corners. I¡¯ve just recently run in a pair and came away super impressed with the very light and responsive ride. It feels how I always wished the New Balance 100 series felt¡­marathon shoe geometries with some decent trail rubber. Only issue I¡¯ve seen is limited availability. I had to order mine directly from adidas here and haven¡¯t seen them much elsewhere in the US. Possible review forthcoming.

4. Nike Terra Kiger 3 and Wildhorse 3, Summer 2015 ¨C I know they are coming, but don¡¯t have much info at this time. I¡¯ve heard, but not confirmed, details of the Kiger remaining as the speedy shoe in the line with a 4mm drop and re-worked outsole and slightly different upper. The Wildhorse 3 is supposedly moving to 8mm drop with an added rockplate on a somewhat redesigned outsole. No pictures availble at this time aside from the Instagram snapshop above. Update: Running Warehouse recently posted preview videos of the Wildhorse and Kiger 3 ¨C you can see them below:Pic 5 adidas Ultra Boost adidas Ultra Boost; credit runningwarehouse.com

A couple of months ago I posted a list of new road shoes that I¡¯d like to try in 2015. As a complement to that post, and given that I don¡¯t run trails as often, I asked David Henry to put together a list of trail shoes that he is most excited about running in this year. David put together a list of 11 trail shoes, and what follows is his summary of why he is excited about each of them.

1. adidas adizero XT/Prime Boost, Summer 2015 ¨C The XT has been in adidas¡¯ trail lineup for a little while, and though it is designed to be a lighter trail shoe (usually the lightest in adidas¡¯ typically more bulky trail lineup), I think they have fallen short of that a bit until the latest XT 5 (see #6 below; it feels mor Vente Adidas Tech Super Homme e like a trail version of the adios). The newest XT looks to continue that trend and adds Boost, full Continental rubber, and even offers a Primeknit version that I¡¯m really looking forward to trying. The latter is of particular interest to me since I like to run sockless, and many of adidas¡¯ shoes tend to use stitched overlays and not always the softest mesh. Check out Sam Winebaum¡¯s full writeup on them here. The Raven Boost and Response Boost that Sam has pictured also interest me, bu Adidas ZX 700 Homme France t details are sparse and they look to be heavier shoes.

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