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15. Pronation control is not Converse Pas Cher 2016 a good basis on which to choose a shoe, and should not be the foundation upon which such decisions are made (as is currently the situation). Read Nigg, 2001 for more. Benno Nigg also just published a book in which he tears apart the pronation control paradigm.

As with minimalism, I¡¯m sure we will now start seeing scientists addressing the influence of this type of max-cushioned shoe on injury rates and form, though unfortunately the market will likely have moved on before any form of consensus forms (much as happened with minimalism ¨C there are still a ton of unanswered questions). My hope is that all options remain on the table, and I¡¯m confident that will be the case since even if the big manufactures ditch the barefoot or max-cushion concept (and stick to their safe-sells), niche brands will likely still cater to these markets.

They go on to state in the following in the Discussion section: ¡°¡­we suggest that walking and training barefoot or (if the substrate does not allow) using shoes that allow the foot to function as closely as possible as Chaussures Converse Pas Cher in the barefoot condition, could lead to performance benefits for athletes. Such performance benefits can be achieved, for instance, by increased muscular performance (as found by Potthast et al. 2005 when wearing minimal shoes) or as a result of potentially lower injury rates due to smaller peak pressures.¡±

8. Most ¡°technological features¡± in modern running shoes are likely nothing more than marketing gimmicks designed to appeal to customers and sell more shoes. Little objective and/or publicly available evidence is available to support the efficacy of proprietary technology in shoes.

14. Studies that have assigned shoes to runners based on static measures of the foot (e.g., arch height, foot posture index) have shown little benefit when shoes are assigned either appropriately vs. inappropriately based on the static measure (Ryan et al., 2010; Knapik et al., 2009; Knapik et al., 2010a; Knapik et al., 2010b). These results show that either static measures are not a good way to assign shoes (so much for the wet footprint test!), or that pronation control is not a good basis on which to choose a shoe. For summaries of this work, read my post on the pronation control paradigm or a great article on the topic from Gretchen Reynolds of the NY Times.

10. Higher vertical impact loading rates (how fast impact is applied to the body ¨C think punching a wall with your bare fist vs. a boxing glove) have been linked to injuries like lower extremity stress fractures (see this review paper by Zadpoor and Nikooyan, 2011). Conversely, Nigg, 1997 reports results of what appears to be an unpublished graduate thesis suggesting that impact force and loading rate are no Bleu Converse Pas Cher t linked to injury, and that increased loading rate was actually associated with fewer injuries. However, this analysis looked at short term injuries and did not look at injuries by specific type. I am hesitant when trying to interpret results from research that has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal, and currently am trying to get ahold of the thesis. In contrast to Nigg¡¯s findings, Davis et al. report results of a prospective study in a conference abstract showing that vertical impact peak and vertical loading rate are linked t All Star Converse High Tops Pas Cher o a higher incidence of running injury. More studies are needed!!!

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