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My first impression of the shoe upon taking them out New Balance 420 UK Online of the box was very positive. Altra has come a long way in terms of aesthetics, though based on photos I¡¯ve posted on Instagram and Facebook the response to the One2 seems to be either A) beautiful! or B) they look like bowling shoes. I fall on the side of thinking that they look great.

I took the RC5000 out for a first run today ¨C did 7.25 miles in them on roads, and did my best to mix up speeds a bit. If my first run is a good indicator of what future runs in this shoe will be like, I¡¯m going to absolutely love this shoe. The sole has just the right of softness for my taste ¨C comparable to a Saucony Kinvara if you shave the midsole height of that shoe down a bit. The Mizuno Universe is a firmer shoe, and is not as good a match for my legs on asphalt.

To get an idea of how New Balance is positioning the Zante, here¡¯s an excerpt from th NB 574 Mens Five Rings UK e description on their website:¡°The Fresh Foam Zante NYC fits like a supportive sock, hugging your arch while allowing your toes to spread out comfortably. Compared to the original Fresh Foam 980, it¡¯s sleek fit feels more like a racing flat. The toe spring helps the shoe look fast and feel fast, assisting with the quick transition of the foot from heel to toe.¡±

One of the first things I noticed upon putting the shoes on my feet was the distinct midfoot bump. Some might call it arch support, but to me it feels more like a bump or ridge that extends across the width of the shoe under the arch. In this sense it¡¯s like the GR1 or maybe the original Brooks PureConnect (the PI N1 even has a bit of this type of feel). It was a bit disconcerting at first, but like the bump in the GoRun the sensation went away after running in them a bit. You will feel it while standing in them, but it has been a non-issue for me on the run.

They also feel great on longer, slower runs, and for heel strikers or those who tend to have form breakdowns late in a race the heel cushion is ample. This is the kind of shoe that could be worn by a lot of different runners with very different styles and body types. I¡¯d go so far as to say it¡¯s a great starting shoe for a new runner ¨C light, simple, and plenty of protection (I¡¯m not a big believer in expensive, techy shoe Cheap UK New Balance 574 Sale s with lots of stuff shoved into the sole). I¡¯d rank it right up there with the Saucony Kinvara in terms of versatility.

It sounds like the MT101v2 will be on the same sole as the original (yes!), with the update mainly being a refresh to the upper. Fit should be the same as well (it¡¯s not on the Minimus last like the MT110 was, but I found the fit generous). I¡¯m hoping New Balance will keep the price point low as well ¨C the MT101 was an affordable shoe and I¡¯ NB 574 Womens in 2015 Sale m hoping it¡¯s successor will be equally accessible in that regard.

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