Well I realized they weren't a warranty,

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Well I realized they weren't a warranty, it makes no sense to World of Warcraft Gold own them in upcoming expansions, you release a fresh continent and you must go back to be able to warlords to sit within your garrison, it doesn't sound right and even from your lore viewpoint, to have any foothold in draenor being used in a totally new continent?

Nonetheless.... with the reputation of https://www.igs.com/ garrisons My partner and i cannot seem these not doing something using them.. Maybe it'll be merely a place we head to earn extra rare metal from missions and also such?
Thought this is old news, I'm sure Blizzard mentioned in Blizzcon which they weren't going to be able to produced an iphone app for garrison's since they were only aiming so they can be in this kind of expansion and wished to see how they will went.
The garrisons themself will always be. But the idea can proceed? like imagine in the event the next expansion will be the southseas. and the featuer could be battleships as garrisons, we all upgrate the cruises. the crew. put it to use instead of airline flight paths.

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