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Science of Education will help one understand the total workings of himself as a human cialis cheap being. One very important part of this science will be in improving our whole system of education. It needs to be restructured from bottom to top. The system we have been using for educational standards and guidelines is no longer applicable for todays times. It served most people well in the past Carlos Sanchez Jersey , but it is time for a change. The children entering schools now are much more evolved than the present generation which is in charge of the schools. An entirely new approach must be put into place. Our system has
not kept pace with the evolution of humanity.

The environment will play a large part in how easily a child can transmute instinct to intuition. The way they are brought up and the people who influence them when they are in the formative years, those from one to seven, are the most important influences in their ability to ease into intuition and out of instinct. This is why the different playgrounds in Chrysalis Schools will be incorporated into the learning process.

These playgrounds will be designed around the different kingdoms – mineral Carlos Bacca Jersey , botanical, animal, and human. They will follow a structured pattern of usage by actually being incorporated into the curriculum. They will allow children to relate to the other kingdoms Camilo Vargas Jersey , which will help open the channel to the higher realms. These playgrounds will be a marvelous opportunity to instill in children a thinking process of wonder and awe that no learning out of books will give.

Childrens dreams can quite often show them as flowers, birds or animals or perhaps back even further as rocks and stones. This is part of the childs fascination with rocks and stones and plants and animals. This is where their dreams are going to be located to begin with. The memory cycle of the brain will follow evolution. It is as simple as that. For the playgrounds this would be the Mineral Kingdom, the Botanical Kingdom Andres Escobar Jersey , and both parts of the Biological Kingdom, the animal and human, in that order.

Mineral Kingdom Playground
In the Mineral Kingdom playground the actual touching of the different stones and pebbles Colombia Soccer Jersey , climbing on rocks and watching the sun shine on them will all be things that a child will relate to instinctively as being part of the Creator. They will experiment with building dams and bridges and buildings and statues and many items out of the rocks, stones and pebbles.

They will improve in math by sitting and counting stones. The children will touch into other realities momentarily by sitting and rubbing the stones, or gazing at a stone that sparkles in the sun. The different colors of the rocks will enable them to know that we can never artificially reproduce natures colors and will allow their minds to not be locked into the set colors that we are able to reproduce. The process of crumbling rocks and the blowing around of the grains of sand will lead the childs mind into understanding the process of change Victor Ibarbo Borre Colombia Jersey , which is what all life is about.

Also, in the Mineral Kingdom garden the rocks and stones will give off an energy that these young children will be easily able to assimilate into every cell of their body. This garden will eliminate the necessity of manufactured vitamins. The sun shining on the rocks releases their nutrients into the air around them, undetected by adults Teofilo Gutierrez Colombia Jersey , but felt by children.

The names of different rocks will be marked and the children will automatically learn to recognize these items when they travel elsewhere. The spelling of the words will come much easier in class. Drawing pictures will be a natural for the children who play in this playground of nature.

Botanical Kingdom Playground
This will be a delightful maze of trails and paths and small streams and waterfalls. The childrens imagination will grow and expand in this playground. They will become involved in the process of growth as they watch the flowers grow in the spring or die in the fall. This will cause the concept of the reincarnation of humans to become a truth in their mind. They will know that if the plants and flowers do it, then so also do humans. This will eliminate the need of having to teach reincarnation of the soul to closed minds. The mind will be open and receptive and understanding will be easy. The green will promote a feeling of peace and ease the stress of the school day. The chlorophyll given off by the plants will promote healthy bodies and enhance thinking processes.

Biological Kingdom Playground – Animals
This playground will allow the most beautiful opening of a childs mind that can be seen. They will learn of mother love and father nurturing. They will receive a beautiful sex education that will cause them to respect their bodies and be in awe of the process of change that their bodies go through. All of this will come about by watching the animals. This will be one of the most important classrooms in the schools.

The Animal Kingdom playground will have not only a petting zoo approach, but also observation of natural habitat where the children can watch a mother feed her young. Observation classes will be scheduled for impending births. The children will help with the feeding process of many of the animals.

The association with the animals and watching the interaction between species will teach behavior patterns that no textbook could ever hope to achieve. The opening of the creative channel will be much widened by those playing in this playground.

The process of acting and reacting on instinct will be transmuted to the use of the intuition by watching and playing with the animals. It will be a natural changeover Santiago Arias Colombia Jersey , one that will not have to be forced by the transmutation of attitudes that the adults of today must go through in order to become more intuitive.

Biological Kingdom Playground

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