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What is http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-7-raiders-willie-brown-jersey.aspx , How to & Tips | Elliott Wave Wavy Tunnel, Jody Samuels Trading Method Jody Samuels, Elliott Wave Wavy Tunnel theory is known far and wide to be one of the most accurate means of identifying market reversals, continuations and the one tool that has been relied on for decades for its ability to forecast LARGE market moves. The problem is it can be very complicated.

In order to enable traders to use these highly successful proven concepts the process of identifying Elliott Wave set-ups had to be simplified. However this simplification wasnt something we just came up with overnight – it was created by chance, and developed over many years.

This all started back in the early 1980′s when Jody Samuels was one of the first female Interbank British Pound Forex traders out there. She worked for JP Morgan and traded the GBPUSD quite successfully during the period when the currency moved from 2.40 to 1.05 and back to 1.60. One of her colleagues was the Elliott Wave Analyst on the desk http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-18-raiders-tim-brown-jersey.aspx , providing daily WAVE COUNTS and technical analysis to the traders.

Today this same analyst makes millions a year to provide Elliott Wave Analysis to institutional traders on the desk as well as corporate and hedge fund clients. She had lunch with him recently in New York to catch up. His Daily Commentaries based on solid wave counts help thousands of traders globally make money. Not only was it great to see him, but also she realized that most retail traders do not have the skills to succeed. The success that she saw first hand and the PROFITS that were generated were a REAL LIFE testimonial to exactly how profitable a solid wave counting strategy could be.

She and her peers made millions by following waves into large moves that generated consistent large profits.

Fast track to the late nineties, Jody attended a Las Vegas Trading Conference called TAG, where all the trading giants taught. She was on a mission to take the level of trading she once knew at the bank to her new office and trade her own account to the same amazing level of success.

Elliott Wave Wavy Tunnel Explained

At the Conference, she learned from many trading gurus and began studying with Bill Williams who taught her all about the Awesome Oscillator and how it could be applied to Elliott Wave analysis http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-19-raiders-ted-hendricks-jersey.aspx , giving traders the ability to track waves without being a wave count pro. Fast forward five more years, she ventured into the online trading community to see what was out there in the retail world of trading. So while sitting in an online webinar, she heard the presenter talking about various set-ups and noticed that these set-ups he presented were actually Elliott Wave set-ups.

However this webinar had nothing to do with Elliott Wave – she just happened to notice that the set-ups he was pointing out so closely evolved into these powerful Elliott Wave moves – it was amazing! On the flip side, Jody also noticed that with a little Elliott Wave knowledge, his trades would be so much more profitable!

This was the beginning of Jodys quest to bridge the gap between the BIG BANKS and the LITTLE GUY and finally piece together the components that would make up the Wavy Tunnel trading methodology and allow the little guy to use the same Wave Counts BIG BANKS use to make millions in an easy to follow rule based system.

Before Jody developed the five Wavy Tunnel trade setups she would struggle with her timing in getting into trades. Its one thing to be pretty sure about wave counts http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-45-raiders-tj-carrie-jersey.aspx , but its entirely another to turn that information into a trigger entry, and a stop. Its even harder to forecast possible outcomes, and be prepared for every possible scenario.

Elliott Wave Wavy Tunnel Download

Jody found that even with 14 years sitting next to some of the top Elliott Wave analysts in the world, she had a difficult time turning her intermediate level wave counting into a system she could trade.

In an attempt to find methods she could use to get back in the game, Jody attended yearly trading conferences and kept her eyes open for a solid style of trading that made sense to her. She had lost her trading confidence being a bank outsider http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-55-raiders-stacy-mcgee-jersey.aspx , but knew that she would be able to regain that confidence with a strategy that somehow used Elliott Wave Analysis to develop that traders edge.

Jody knew how powerful it was to know where the wave counts were on a few time frames to nail the big moves, as she had done it for years, but without her analyst at her side she had lost her Elliott Wave edge.

To get that edge back Jody decided to hit the books and study all she could about Elliott Wave Analysis and developed The Elliott Wave Series which included so much of what she had learned over many, many years. Creating that course helped her internalize all that she had heard her entire trading career, only now it was coming from her. Then one day http://www.teamraidersstore.com/c-63-raiders-shilique-calhoun-jersey.aspx , it all came together when she was involved in an online trading room, looking at some charts on the screen that screamed out, This is your Elliott Wave Chart Setup! That one fateful day made the connection in her brain between Elliott Wave Counting and the Elliott Wave Chart Setup that led to the Five Wavy Tunnel setups.

What she became keenly aware of that day was that there were a handful of setups that put it all together in her mind. With all that knowledge and information a method for trading was instantly born that could point out these set-ups so simply that anyone could do it.

The gap between the Big Banks and their huge dollar profits and the little guy was bridged! This was a far cry from any proven system or even concept at this point.

Ron Daulton http:forexcapitalmultiplier http:elliottwave-trading

Ron Daulton 8csg6c3

Author Bio: Ron Daulton http:forexcapitalmultiplier http:elliottwave-trading

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