Alumalite Signs Can Stand Up To Any Wolf Or Weather

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You Can Huff And Puff Lyle Alzado Raiders Jersey , But You Can't Blow Down An Alumalite Sign

Alumalite Signs Can Stand Up To Any Wolf Or Weather

It's a cautionary tale - the three little pigs construct three different dwellings from three different materials before figuring out which one is the most indestructible. Wow! Those poor pigs had to go through a lot of trouble to get it right. Think of how much time and effort those little pigs would have saved if they had gone with brick- or Alumalite- in the first place!

Wind, rain, sleet, snow, prolonged sun and freezing temperatures are no match for Alumalite signs. Don't be like the misguided little pigs, going with cheaper yet less reliable materials when ordering your custom sign. Go with an Alumalite sign the first time, and laugh when you see the wolf heading your way!

Anything Less Than An Alumalite Signs Might As Well Be Made Of Straw

When you hear the word aluminum, you may think of a thin, flimsy material. Aluminum itself is quite thin and malleable Kenny Stabler Raiders Jersey , but it is a fantastic sign material in that it is naturally immune to rust. For large, exterior signs, there is an impressive product known as Alumalite, an aluminum composite material that retains the best qualities of aluminum yet is nearly as strong as wood.

Alumalite signs have a corrugated polymer core that resists swelling and corrosion even when wet for extended periods. Because Alumalite signs are not made of wood, there is no chance of rotting. If the three little pigs had gone with Alumalite for their home, then they would be in it for the long haul!

What makes Alumalite signs so strong? The plastic core has a rigidity rating of excellent despite being so lightweight. In fact, though wood is the strongest core material for signs, it not always the most desirable because sometimes wood-based signs are too heavy to be installed in certain areas. Therefore, Alumalite signs are not only more weather-resistant Jim Otto Raiders Jersey , they are also more versatile due to their weight while remaining rigid and durable.

Alumalite signs may be as light as straw, but they are as strong as bricks!

Do Alumalite Signs Look As Attractive As Signs Made Of Other Materials?

The pigs probably would have fared well in a house made of cinder blocks and metal, too, but that wouldn't have been nearly as appealing as brick. Don't worry about the appearance of your Alumalite sign - it can be as attractive as you want it to be!

First of all, the faces of Alumalite signs have been baked in enamel before reaching our shop, giving them a smooth, glossy finish as well as additional strength. Secondly, they are available in a variety of colors from the factory: white, black Jack Tatum Raiders Jersey , red, blue, green, and yellow, so you have many options in your custom design.

Third, Alumalite signs can be designed any way you want, with vinyl lettering and graphics easily applied to the face of the sign. And not only is the vinyl lettering easily applied to the sign, it is also easily removed for a new look! Yes, if after a while you decide to change the message on your Alumalite sign Howie Long Raiders Jersey , the vinyl lettering comes right off and new lettering goes right on, with no trace of the old because the Alumalite surface is fade-resistant.

And last, for a truly professional look, the edges of Alumalite signs can be capped with black or white plastic trim. Capping your Alumalite sign give it a more corporate, finished look.

What Are The Uses For An Alumalite Sign?

To give you and idea of where you may have seen Alumalite signs, or how yours may be used, Alumalite signs are commonly used for outdoor back-lit signs, billboards, multiple panel signs Fred Biletnikoff Raiders Jersey , and even scoreboards for football games.

But that's not all - Alumalite signs are also lightweight enough to be hung on a fence or between two posts, so the size and function of your Alumalite sign is up to you!

What If The Wolf Tries To Blow Down My Alumalite Sign?

Alumalite signs are built to last a whole decade, but there are a still a few things to remember when caring for and displaying your Alumalite sign to ensure its long life.

The surface of an Alumalite sign can easily scratch, so never use anything abrasive when cleaning it. Warm water with a mild soap, applied with a very soft cloth (I recommend cloth diapers, actually), keep your Alumalite sign clean and shiny without risking unsightly scratches.

Also, keep in mind that the corrugated plastic core of an Alumalite sign is so lightweight because it is hollow. Therefore, tightening the screws by hand when mounting your sign is essential in preventing compression of the materials. Do not attempt to tighten the crew of your Alumalite sign any further once the screws are flush with the sign.

By following these simple steps of sign care Bo Jackson Raiders Jersey , you can actually invite the wolf over and let him have a go at your Alumalite sign - eventually, he will run out of breath trying to destroy your sign.

So, What's The Moral Of The Story?

The moral of The Three Little Pigs is to build something strong the first time, and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. So when deciding on the right custom sign for your exterior advertising needs, go with Alumalite and keep the wolf from your door!

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