Shape poetry is poetry whose

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How to Write Shape Poetry michael kors handbags outlet online

It is a creative medium for dealing with and recording all the happenings in your life whether they are external or internal. Why not take this to the next level by turning your poetry into shape poetry? michael kors outlet

Shape poetry is poetry whose words and lines take the shape of a certain thing or object. For example: an apple, a house, a tree, etc. Usually, the poetry itself is either completely about that thing or object it takes shape of, or is at least in some way related to it. michael kors wallet canada

Writing shape poetry can be easy but it can prove to be challenging as well. It all depends on the kind of shape you intend for your poem to have. Also, there are different ways to write shape poetry and I go into detail about this in this hub. michael kors outlet canada

How to Write Shape Poetry?There are different ways to write shape poetry. One is to simply draw an image of an object or insert it into MS Word (if on the computer) and then write the poem about that object inside the drawn image (using a text box if in MS Word). michael kors factory outlet online

For example, insert an image of a sun into MS Word and then write a poem about the sun inside the image by right clicking on that image, selecting the Add Text option and pasting the poem into it. If your version of MS Word doesn't have that option simply insert a text box over the image and then make the border of the text box have no color so it is invisible to the eye and doesn't cover the image of the sun. Insert the poem into the text box (making sure the text doesn't go outside the border of the image) and you are done. You may of course need to adjust the size of the image of the sun, the text box and the text itself to make it fit inside the image, but this is fairly simple to do. michael kors online outlet

Of course, doing all this doesn't technically make this shape poetry, as the poem is simply placed onto the image without actually taking shape of that image. Also, it's something a kid in elementary school would do. Still, doing this does make the poem more presentable, which is always a plus. Below is an example of this.

If you want to challenge yourself and have more fun while being more creative then consider a different approach of writing and creating shape poetry. Write your poem about a house, for example, and then format the lines so they take the shape of a house.

To make it easier, first insert the image of a house into MS Word (best thing would be to insert a triangle shape and then a rectangle shape underneath), then insert a text box over it and paste the poem text inside it. Then format the text (via tabbing, spacing or changing of font size) so that it looks like a house. Make sure to delete the image of the house afterwards and you are all set. michael kors outlet

Below is an example of this shape poem along with another example of a different shape. On the left side you see the shape and on the right you see the poem that resembles that shape. If the poem were to be published in a book or even online the image of the shape would of course not be shown. I just presented it here for better understanding of shape poetry and how to go about writing it. michael kors clearance

The content of the poem somewhat if not fully relates to the shape depicted. The content of the poem and its message become more effective here than if I were to just left or center align the poem on a page. michael kors handbags clearance

More on How to Write Shape PoetryMost likely, you won't think of an object (shape) first and then write about it. Instead you will spill your emotions onto the paper or the computer screen without holding back, not focusing on what the topic you are writing about really is. So how do you turn those types of poems into shapes? michael kors canada sale

Start off by reading the poem and see what it is about and if there are any words or phrases in the poem that resemble shapes or moods or themes. Then format your lines either by using tabs, the space bar, font sizing or by copying and pasting and arrange them on the page in such a way that they resemble that particular shape or mood or theme. Your poem doesn't have to depict a particular shape 100%. The lines can be aligned in such a way as to create a theme of some sort. For example, torn lines, holes, chaos, etc.

Let's say your poem is about being torn apart. You can format your stanzas to resemble a checkerboard or to make it seem as if something is being torn. Below is an example of this in two variations same poem but two different layouts. She writes novels in verse and many of her verses resemble some sort of a shape. The shape always relates in some way to what the topic or theme of the verse is. This makes the verses stand out more in my opinion. I am not sure if she is the one that actually formats her poetry into shapes, or she has someone do it for her, but nevertheless it is a clever thing and something to think about if you are planning to publish a poetry book. michael kors canada

Every poem in your book doesn't need to be a shape poem but having a bunch of them presented in that way would be great. It would make you a more talented and creative poet and may gain you more readers and fans. To publish it self publishing is the best way to go!Difference Between Freestyle, Free Verse, Traditional Poetry

There are many different forms and styles of poetry you can write free verse, freestyle, traditional, acrostic, limerick, narrative, etc. michael kors wallet

2How to Write Poetry

Learn How to Write A Shakespearean Sonnet michael kors outlet online

Here is a list of useful Microsoft Word shortcuts that will save you valuable time and are easy to use. Save this list for future reference. It will come in handy. michael kors canada outlet

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