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A little rain must fall

March 23, 2016 by Jamie Beckett 2 Comments

But rain also causes calamity and mayhem. Like so much of life, it's all down to a matter of degrees. A little rain is good. A bit more is acceptable. A lot can lead to major problems.

Of course that's true in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Into each life some rain must fall. I didn't say that by the way. Not originally, anyway. That credit goes to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in a poem titled, Rainy Day, first published in 1842. Certainly his books sell better than mine. Perhaps because he's dead gibson dg 335. I understand that's a great asset to any artist's sales potential. He wore a much more magnificent beard, too.

So you can trust him when he says a little rain will fall into your world. It will. It has. It will continue to do so. That's life.

This is one of the great lessons I've learned about aviation. It's one I never would have guessed when I had the perspective of an outsider gibson dg 335 for sale, as I very much did for almost three decades of my life.

General aviation is an amazingly social endeavor. It's the people who fascinate me far more than the machines. And that's saying a lot, considering I find the machinery to be as intriguing as any tangible object I've ever encountered on earth.

When faced with a rainy day with low scud and high winds, I'll happily seek shelter in a nearby hangar to swap stories with whomever I find there. The odds are good that who ever it is, they'll bring real value to my time and real entertainment to my life.

It's through general aviation that I've met Flying Tigers, including the legendary Tex Hill. I've had the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with Chuck Yeager, (an impossibility due to our height disparity, but I choose to remember it that way).

Fate put me in front of Arnold Spielberg for an entire day some years back. A radio man who was older than his fellow Burma Bridge Busters dg 335, he went on to work with computers in Arizona and raise a son who made some pretty darned popular movies.

Roscoe Brown of the Tuskegee Airmen may be the smartest man I've ever met in my life dg 335 replica. His fellow officer from the 332nd Fighter Group, Hiram Mann, become a friend in his later years.

And there are so many others, from luminaries like Scott Crossfield to names you would never recognize, but I wish you could meet them all, too.

Last names are immaterial in this case, because general aviation is full of Dennis's and Ben's, Andy's, Matt's, and Jim's. If you've been hanging around the airport much you probably know people just as talented gibson dg 335 electric guitar, just as enjoyable to spend time with, and just as professional even though they affect a casual air that belies their capabilities.

Of course rain can be metaphorical, too. It may be a health or work related issue that caused you to become rusty as you fell away from flying. Or perhaps it's a financial matter that keeps a friend from getting started in the first place.

Whatever form your rain may take, let it come. We've got a cure for the blues and the blahs in general aviation, and it almost always starts with someone being just bold enough to walk through the hangar door and ask if it's okay if they take a look around. That's a start. We can work with that.

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