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Nationals Clinch NL East Title Despite Loss - RealGM Wiretap
The Nationals lost to the Phillies on Monday night nike air max 2015 scontate , but they still clinched the National League East title.

The nation's capital will enjoy playoff baseball for the first time in 79 years. The Nationals celebrated the division title hardily on the field after the loss.

"This is incredible. The excitement. The joy. The fans. Smiles on everyone's faces, the excitement that's going on," Gio Gonzalez said. "Everyone here just witnessed history. Hopefully we can try to continue that journey."

Washington, in first place since May 22, leads Atlanta by three games with two to play. The Braves lost in the top of the ninth inning of the Nationals-Phillies game. The Nationals congratulated each other in their dugout with hugs, high-fives and spiked gloves.

"The way it happened tonight doesn't really matter," Ryan Zimmerman said. "We put ourselves in that position to have the luxury of having the other team have to play perfect baseball. We played a great 159, 160 games to get to that point, and we should be commended for that."

Sandoval Has Reportedly Lost 42 Pounds - RealGM Wiretap

Pablo Sandoval has reportedly lost 42 pounds and intends to play for Magallanes in the Venezuelan Winter League playoffs.

Sandoval does not require consent from the San Francisco Giants to join Magallanes, for whom he has regularly participated. He was named Most Valuable Player of last year's VWL postseason nike air max 2016 donna nere , batting .333 with four homers.

"As a native player, you don't have to ask permission," Bobby Evans said. "That said, I wasn't aware of it. I'm happy to hear it. That'll be good for him."

D Backs Bus To Opener Has Flat Tire - RealGM Wiretap

Some D-Backs players had to walk the last half mile to Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday when one of the team buses had a flat tire ahead of their Major League Baseball season opener with the Dodgers, according to an ESPN report.

Wow Cable Channels: Why I Unplugged and Learned to Live Again. Rolf Helder
Submitted 2014-07-28 19:10:45 Honestly, I just got bored of Wow cable channels. Of course, there were definitely loads of channels, just nothing truly worth watching. I felt like I do when I'm kinda starved and stand in front of the frig with the door open staring at last week's salad. I was actually struggling with my own private despair of abundance. I am really not wealthy, merely a well-trained consumer. My psyche feels trampled on from all the commercials that have indeed dumped into it during the past forty five years.

I attempted satellite but it was truly just a fling. I assumed with 200 channels I might spot a little something interesting. I couldn't and eventually roamed back to the Wow cable channels. My Southern Baptist mom finds fault with California for my peculiarities. She looks at me with miserable eyes and questions why I couldn't be ordinary and simply watch tv like everybody else. It is correct I resided in The golden state for seven years and did, on occasion nike air max 2016 uomo nere , frequent a particular Buddhist house. Nevertheless, I wasn't average prior to then, not even a little. Wow cable channels was simply just the last lick.

I terminated Wow Cable on the first of the month and chose to read more as well as to rent videos instead. Now, this is really where I need to own up to a little bit sneaking. Right after I dropped out from wow cable channels, the community video store closed up. I hadn't noticed it was dying a slow death. The store still had Deliverance promoted in the window as a new release, even after they failed. That should have been a clue.

Here's exactly where I cheated. I found a site where I can easily download movies onto my tablet computer. A small one-time cost and I was in. That is really a lot simpler. Plus I get to cherry pick directly from the best of the new releases. That is actually when I grasped cable companies are doomed. Cable technology is really so last century. Wow cable channels can not compete with near split second downloads of complete motion pictures. Cable television companies are destined to go the way of the video outlets. Given that I can easily download videos, I own all of them for good. It's impressive.

Disconnecting from the cable company, along with all of its brain benumbing stations, has actually improved my life. It is truly been great. I know the obsession. I was really there, devoting hours letting the drone of senseless video fizz my brain right into mush. They moreover made me fat. Well nike air max 2016 scontate , that and burgers along with pizzas, and beer, however, that is actually another subject for yet another time. It's just like I was hypnotized to sit and watch until my eyes overcharged.

Separating myself from the cable television corporation helped me unite once more with nature. To remember my Buddhist lessons of staying within the moment and feeling vital. All of that entertainment had indeed deadened my senses. Viewing the 100 plus wow cable channels was really turning me into a ghost. I'm positive if I hadn't unplugged it could merely be a matter of time before I developed a taste for human flesh. That's stating a great deal. I'm a vegetation.

I invite you to unplug from your Cable Company and the Satellite Provider. You're missing out on life. You're missing your desires watching actors playing on the screen. Yes, it's fun, in moderation. Less is more. Choose less. Speak to people in your life. Study a book. Sit outdoors and enjoy a bird or a lizard sunning. Extract yourself from the big screen and remember who you are really. When it comes your time to pass from.

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