Hunter X Hunter Online Unveiled New stunning CG trailer

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"The company known as Unigame are known for being US's leader for online games," says Ono. "When we talked about the number of people who will be connecting, they said 'several million people' (laughs). For us, we're talking several ten-thousand people. I was reminded how that would be expected from a country boasting over 1.3 billion people."

"Unigame have grown as a company through operating their online games, so I believe that if it doesn't go well with Unigame, it'd be impossible with any other company," Sugiura adds.

In an earlier interview, Ono discussed the difference between the profits of free-to-play and full-priced titles. This also applies to Hunter X Hunter Online, which will also be a tricky business to manage for the two companies. Famitsu asks about the secret of operating online games.

"Now that's got to be the ultimate question of them all," Sugiura says with a laugh.

"I believe it's about 'getting the customer's acceptance'. I think that hunter x hunter online game doesn't matter how we do it, as long as we get their acceptance."

He continues, "I usually tell my staff members that when it comes to changing specifications or systems, if the customers will accept it, then to go ahead with it; however, if something may seem right or logical, but if the customers won't accept it, then it's no good."

Famitsu asks about what distinct Unigame characteristics they plan on considering for future online games.

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